The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2

Wendell: So… so… hungry, must eat something!!!

Kiya: Oh! Umm… Hello! Do you happen to like red turnips? It’s the only thing I have!

Rosie: Ehem! Kiya the Red turnip is for the golden axe!

Kiya: Just let it go! Gracie has got the golden axe! *gives the turnip to Wendell*

Wendell: Woot thanks! And to show my gratitude to you I will give you… the Turban!!!

Kiya: Wait! You didn’t eat it?!?

Wendell: Of course not! I sell it for bells!

Kiya: But aren’t you hungry?

Wendell: I buy food for bells!

Kiya: But you can get fruit from the trees!

Wendell: But me want cooked food!

Kiya: But Nook doesn’t even cook!

Wendell: Timmy and Tommy do! In exchange for a red turnip!

Kiya: But you-

Wendell: Do you mind? It’s MY life!

Kiya: Sure…

Wendell: So, what do you think of my presie?

Kiya: Oh! Yeah! What is it?

Wendell: *shock* You no know what it is? It protects you from the hard sun in the desert! Look I have a drawing of it! *shows the drawing*

Kiya: Oh! I get it! Thank you so much!!! It’s gonna be real useful!

*Wendell leaves*

Kiya: Rosie do you want a Turban?

Rosie: Hmm… No, is it that thingy for the desert?

Kiya: Seems like, what can I do with it?

Both: Wait! Desert!!! Sahara!!!

Rosie: But how’s that gonna help us get the golden axe?

Kiya: Hmm… I don’t know! Maybe she’ll give you an item that someone wants in exchange for the golden axe?

Rosie: Yeah, Maybe.

Kiya: Wait! Follow me! *they enter Nook’s*

Rosie: Why are we here?

Kiya: To order Sahara’s carpet! So Nook has to order Sahara to come to AquaTown! And we’ll give the turban to Sahara!

Rosie: Oh! Goodies!

Rosie: See? This is why we are a team! I am cute and beautiful and don’t wear clothes from the garbage and you think!

Kiya: OK! And, hey! I only wore that dress form the garbage ‘cause it was nice! (and had a tomato sauce stain on it) but, still, it was very nice!

Rosie: Really? How about the horse dress?

Kiya: Oh… yeah… well do you want me to order the carpet or not?

Rosie: Sure! I’ll wait outside!


Rosie: So? Any luck?

Kiya: Yup! Sahara’s coming tomorrow morning!!!

Rosie: Great! That’s awesome!

Kiya: I know! Now we just have to wait!

Rosie: Well then, see you tomorrow!

Kiya: Good night!


8 thoughts on “The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2 by Jemma

  1. Haha I love the exchange between Kiya and Wendell! Great job again with this story, I love it! 😀 I want Rosie to move into Dafdilly one day and then I can lock her. 😛

    • Thank you Amy! 😀 I think I haven’t done a bad job with the story, I’m proud of myself xD
      Rosie is real kind! And she loves clothes! 😛 I think she’s a bit like Margie, when I had her I wish I knew the “locking neighbors” trick, then she would have never moved away from usa 😈

      • You should be proud! 🙂
        So Rosie lived in usa at one time? Yeah, I definitely want her in my town, she’s so cute and I love cats. ❤ I want all colorful neighbors in Dafdilly eventually: Rosie, Puddles (only 'dream neighbor' I've gotten so far, will lock one day), Margie (or Caroline, haven't quite decided on which normal neighbor I want to lock), Queenie, Bob, Stitches, Kid Cat, and Static

  2. Love the theme! (same as mine actually! xP Everyone starting to love Mystique! 😆 )
    LOVE the Turnip Trade:Chapter 2! It was shocking to see Wendell say “Woot” 😆

    • Oh great Kam! You’re back!!! 😉 I’m glad to see your back commenting! 😆 Yeah! Everyone’s loving the Mystique theme kind of like Mayu’s theme when she was around…

      • The Mystique Widget tab was nice huh? You wouldn’t have time to put out the comment widget, the archives and other stuff! xP

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