Golden tools

Shovel: To get a golden shovel you have to buy 2 shovels at Nook’s store (one each day) and bury one of them. Wait 24h and when you dig the shovel out it will be golden.

What does it do? Let’s you bury money bags and transform them into a money tree.

Fishing rod and net: Catch all bugs/fishes and then Tortimer will award you with the golden fishing rod/net.

What does it do? Fishing rod: Gives you more time to catch the fish Net: The golden net is a bigger net so it’s easier to catch a bug.

Slingshot: Shoot down 15 presents and the fifteenth one will be purple and gold colored and will contain the golden slingshot.

What does it do? It shoots 3 balls to augment the chance of catching the present.

Watering Can: Have a perfect town for 16 days and Pelly or Phyllis will give to you the golden watering can.

What does it do? Lets you water wilted black roses so they become golden roses the next day and never go bad.

Axe: Steps: 1. Purchase a red turnip from Joan on a Sunday 2. Plant it and give it to Wendell, he will give you a Turban or a Country Guitar 3. Give the Turban to Sahara and she will give to you a massage chair for a Red Vase OR give the Country Guitar to K.K Slider for his picture 4. Give the massage chair to Tortimer for a Scallop OR the Red Vase to Redd for the Safe 5. Give the Scallop to Pascall for the golden axe or his picture OR give the Safe to Nook for his picture.

What does it do? Unlike the normal axe, this one never breaks.


Perfect town

I must warn you: It’s very hard! So pay attention! And don’t get frustrated, I haven’t got a perfect town!

In order to get a perfect town you must divide your town in 16 squares of 16×16 little squares (the size of a design), to do this put 16 designs in horizontal starting from a corner to the end of the horizontal line, then put 16 designs in vertical from the end of the last line  to the end of this vertical line and end the square with the 2 last lines. Just make a square of 16×16, 16 designs x 16 designs.

Next, in each square place trees and flowers like this:

Remember: Every 2 flowers are equal to 1 tree. (2 flowers = 1 tree)

  • 0 trees = 27 flowers
  • 1 tree = 25 flowers
  • 2 trees = 23 flowers
  • 3 trees= 21 flowers
  • 4 trees = 19 flowers
  • 5 trees = 17 flowers
  • 6 trees= 15 flowers
  • 7 trees = 13 flowers
  • 8 trees = 11 flowers
  • 9 trees = 9 flowers
  • Until your reach the maximum of trees: 15 trees = 0 flowers

WiFi and DS to DS

This is a bit complicated to explain but I’ll try my best.

DS to DS: Visit a town/invite someone to your town when you are close to each other.

No secrets, really, just go to the town gate (see where it is in your town map), talk to Cooper, the thin guardian at the right side of the gate, and select the option: “I wanna go out” or “Open gates”

I wanna go out: He will ask you DS to DS or WiFi, select the DS to DS option and he will ask you: Where do you want to go? And show a list with the town that are available. Towns appear on the list if there gates are open.

Open gates: He will ask to you if you want to DS to DS or WiFi with someone, select the DS to DS option and he will open your town gates. When your gates are open your friend can visit your town.

WiFi: Invite someone to your town/visit a town when you are far away from each other, you need Internet/WiFi.

First configure your WiFi settings, to do so go to: Main screen > Other things > WiFi settings > Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings > Connection 1, 2 or 3 > Manual Setup, there are other options but these options are the ones I recommend. Fill up the boxes (by clicking on the “edit” button)

SSID: The name of the router. You can find it by clicking on the internet connection button on the toolbar of your computer.
WEP Key: The key of security you enter to connect to the internet.
Auto-obtain IP Adress: click NO if you have a IP Adress and enter it, or click YES if you don’t have one and forget the IP Adress option.
IP Adress: Enter it if you have one.

Attention: If you have a WiFi USB Connector click Connect to your Nintendo USB Connector and follow the instructions.

After the settings are complete and correct enter your game and ask Cooper for your FC (Friend Code).

Add the friend codes, Town names and Character names of your friends to your Friend Roster (the heart in your pocket menu) and give yours to the people you add.

Access your Friend Code by clicking the blue arrow, then the yellow heart and finally the yellow key.

Register friend codes by clicking the blue arrow, then the yellow heart and finally the yellow register button.

When you have your friend code and you added the person you want to visit/invite, and he added you, go to Cooper and follow the same instructions I said to DS to DS but instead of selecting the DS to DS option select Nintendo WFC option.

Attention:To get your Friend Code you must have finished working with Nook.

Attention: To connect to WFC you have to be close to the Router/USB.


Flower hybrids

We all have flowers in our town: roses, tulips, cosmos… Different colors and different types but did you know that we can get more colors of flowers? Well you can! Just creating hybrids!

For example: We all have red roses but if you put 2 red roses next to each other and if we wait enough time watering them when they’re wilted and with a bit of luck and patience… You could get a black rose!

To see what flowers we have to put next to each other for them to produce hybrids see:

To explain this next part of “tips and ticks” I will say “Parents” when I mean the 2 flowers that produce Hybrids.
Tips and tricks:
*To produce Hybrids: Put 3 or more parents instead of just 2, that gives you a better chance for the parents to produce a Hybrid.
*To produce Hybrids: Make sure you leave space around the parents so that they can produce more hybrids (example: don’t put 2 red cosmos next to a wall)
*To produce Hybrids: Every time the parents produce a 2 normal flower remove them and place them in another spot so that the parents have more space to produce a new Hybrid and you have a more parents to grow Hybrids.
*To multiply Hybrids: Put 2 of the same Hybrids together so that it’s almost sure that they will produce a Hybrid of the same type (example: pink tulip x pink tulip = pink tulip or a normal flower, has a bigger chance to produce the same Hybrid).
*To multiply Hybrids: Put 2 different types of Hybrids they will produce one of each other. (example: purple pansies x orange roses = orange rose or pink tulip or normal flower, has a bigger chance to produce a Hybrid)
*To save Hybrids: If you are worried that your new Hybrid will wilt and disappear save it in a room in your house, in a house it will never wilt. Very good tip if your going on a trip.
Neighbor’s Picture:

If you want a picture of a neighbor, you have to be his friend and follow all these steps.

*Send mail to him everyday, with presents.
*Talk to him A LOT everyday and do all the favors he asks you to do.
*Work on his hobby and accept competitions he proposes to you.
*Buy everything he offers to you and answer the questions he asks like a friend.
Don’t do:
*Talk to him when he’s bothered by you.
*Hit him with the net, shovel…
*Don’t open mail/presents he asks you to deliver.
*Don’t play jokes on him or answer him lies/bad things.

If you do this everyday during a week sometime like that he will luckily give his picture to you.

Neighbors only give there picture when they are outside.


Tan guide:

In Animal Crossing from the middle of July to the start of September you can get a tan! Just like in real life!

How to get it? I will explain here:

With a little of patience you can get a Tan in Animal Crossing if you stay outside as long as you can while the sun is shinning and you will get a tan sooner or later.

The sky is the key to tell if your gonna get a tan or not. For example: If it’s raining or the sun is not shinning in your town well… you won’t get a tan. Just try to stay out during the hours of sun and you will get a tan!

I recognize 3 types of tan:

  1. There are light tans, a lightly colored face.
  2. Brown tans (by Kammile known as the Nook tan) just like Kammile knows them, they are more or less the color of Tom Nook’s skin. You can get a lighter tan than Nook’s one or a darker one (that’s heading to become dark brown)
  3. Dark Brown tans, are when you can say you played a lot during the summer! You can get a lighter tan that’s still dark brown but you could also get a tan that’s almost black!!!

After a week or so your tan will go away 😦 So be sure to show all your friends about your tan before summer’s over…

Happy tan season!


Crazy Redd

Crazy Redd is the fox that comes on the day you say to Lyle (the insurance Weasel who comes to your town on Saturday) when he asks to you the question: What day of the week does Crazy Redd come?

He comes to your town and sets up a tent in front the town hall. But you can’t enter that tent unless you have the right password and Redd will send to you a letter each week with that password if you are a member.

How do I become a member? Talk to a neighbor that’s close the town hall and sometimes one of them gives to you the password to enter Redd’s tent, enter it and in a random day Redd will make you a member and send letters with the password to enter the tent each week. After you’re a member you can shop in Crazy Redd’s tent.

If you don’t want to wait until a neighbor gives the password to you search for the question Redd asks in this list and answer the password that’s next to the question. Remember: Do not use caps! Only in names (example: what? i am Redd)

Ask and you shall: be charged 
An open wallet: is often empty 
Bottom dollar: top dog 
Cat’s away: mice shop 
Crazy Redd: is 35 
Courage is nice: cash is freedom 
Even robbers: have safes 
Fan in one hand: cash in other 
Foot in the door: eye on prize 
For my fans: shop here again 
Get an Education: or win it big 
Give 2 cents: ask for change 
Golden ingots?: redd bells 
Head in the sand: find something 
Honest/Healthy souls: can be bought 
Hot and cold: money makes it 
I’m all alone: but I have cash 
Life expectancy: redd is 35 
Look at people: wallets full 
Look back: what did you miss 
Neighbor Raccoon: one ugly fellow 
No flowers: just cash 
No money: means no fun 
Roses have: high prices 
Rough childhood: lax adulthood 
Someone to wed: no way nook 
Spoiled rotten: bean curd
 What smells?: bean curd. 
What’s inside: is fabulous 
When the cat’s gone: mice shop 
Why buy the cow: get milk here 
Someone to wed? : no way nook
Talk is cheap: so is redd 
Thankless task: goes unpaid 
The grass is greener: on my side 
The pen: is cheaper 
Tom Nook: one ugly fellow 

Passwords from the Animal Crossing wikia.

Another guide? Request it in a comment here! 

I hope you enjoyed this entry and you found the information you needed. Please don’t copy this entry, I created it to give you information to READ and NOT COPY. This blog is unique created by me and does not contain copied information.



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  1. I don’t think so… I’m about to get my golden shlingshot but I don’t know if you can get 2… I wouldn’t get my hopes up anyway XD
    Happy Summer Shane!

  2. I got Something,but might include pictures (optional)
    make a neighbor angry and i mean REALLY angry (like whacking 3 times)
    wait until he calms down,wave at him/her… he will NOT wave back instead
    will be angry and turn his/her back at you 😦

  3. Hahaha really? Well I don’t really think that’s a guide 😛 I never tried it, gonna try it right now! Hehe never knew that and neither Mayu did… You’re smart XD

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