New Leaf

Town Information

Name: Lilycott (read why here)

My 3DS Friend Code: 0791-3219-7111

Native fruit: Peach Pixel   

Available fruits:Peach Pixel ,Cherry Pixel ,Pear PixelOrange PixelApple Pixel,Durian PixelMango PixelLychee PixelBanana PixelCoconut Pixel,Lemon Pixel

Characters:   Ariadna  HNI_0067

   Jemma   HNI_0049

   Luna      HNI_0046

Houses: Mayor’s house is a mansion, Jemma’s house is a tent, and Luna’s house is a small beach cottage.

Available stores on main street: Completed! (from left to right: Fortune Teller, Dream Suite, Club LOL, Nook’s Homes, Post Office, T&T Emporium, Shampoodle, Able Sisters, Kicks, Museum)

Timezone: CET (Central European Time)

Town Map

Town “Rules”

If you add my Friend Code and we organise a WiFi meeting, please keep in mind these couple things:

  • Try not to run too much around town, you could accidentally ruin flowers laid around town or accelerate the process of grass wearing. Feel free to run around my path, though!
  • Feel free to buy anything you see in stores, and if you need money just ask me! (although I’m not too rich, hehe)
  • Feel free to dig, fish, catch bugs, swim, shake trees… have fun! But if you see any perfect fruit trees please don’t shake them!
  • If you would like a couple flowers, fruit, objects… pretty much anything I’ll be willing to give you (if I own it), but please ask instead of grabbing anything you see around town.
  • This “rule” is sort of like the previous one, but remember that four-leaf clovers, objects, flowers, seashells… may be around town for decoration purposes, so please don’t grab them!
  • Try and keep my town clean: if you shake any trees, grab anything that falls out of it; if you dig up any item, remember to fill in the hole…
  • Please don’t talk to villagers moving out, they could be “reserved” for someone else, but feel free to talk to anyone else, post a message on the Bulletin Board… pretty much as long as you’re being nice that’s the only “rule” you need to follow 😀
  • Have fun! Let’s enjoy Animal Crossing!! Gifts and donations towards projects are of course very welcome and appreciated, and I think that’s pretty much it!

6 thoughts on “New Leaf

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  2. Hi! My name is Jenna and I just got Animal Crossing NL. I had the gamecube version for a while and have been following some AC blogs to get inspiration and because getting to know different towns and people is so fun! I hope you don’t mind if I add your FC? mine is 1435-6906-7605 if you’re interested!

    • Hi Jenna!! Yay I love checking out new people’s tows as well! I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog, thank you for the comment!!
      I’ll add you right now, hope we can wifi soon! Whenever I see you online I’ll open my gates if you wanna visit! Even though my town is still under construction :p

      • Aw, thank you so much!! I’m so excited about the possibilities. My town, in its new-ness is somewhat under construction as well, but if I see you online my gate will be open to you!! Hope we can wifi soon!!

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