The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- by Jemmaa

The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- By Jemmaa

Kiya: We’ve looked everywhere for Pascal, but he just doesn’t show up!

Rosie:  Where could he be? Didn’t he promise us he would come to Bellwood today?

Kiya: Yes, he did!  Let’s just have some coffee, I’m sure he’ll come later on!

*At The Roost*

Rosie and Kiya: Pascal!! And… Gracie?!

Pascal: Hey there, maaaan!

Gracie: You’re too late girls! I already gave my scallop to Pascal! Hahaha, I told you: “A Fashionista always gets what she wants!

Kiya: No, wait! How’d Gracie get a scallop?

Rosie: Who cares? Pascal we have another scallop!

Pascal: Two scallops? My, my. I have never been in a situation where two compete but only one can win… actually I’ll have both scallops! But I’ll only reward the cleverest.

Rosie: Kiya is clever! Kiya is very clever!

Gracie: Shut it, blue-cat!

Pascal: I shall test both of you!

Kiya: Great! I got an “A” in biology, and math, and Spanish, and English…

Gracie: WHAT? That’s not fear!

Pascal: True cleverness is not revealed in one grade, it’s revealed in the true emotions and in the tears of one.

Brewster: Alright, not that I was listening the hole time but should I have understood that?

Rosie: I didn’t understand it either… But anyway, Kiya is super clever, she’s a… a… she’s a clever-ista!

Brewster: Yeah… Neither did I understand that…

Pascal: Are you ready for the test?

Kiya and Gracie: Yes!

Pascal: Here it goes maaaan:

“The sea reveals only the treasures he stole from you when you are honest, and honestly is always the best policy… So you better be ready maaaan, here’s the question:

What has the sea stolen from you?

A)     A golden Axe

B)      A 100,000 bells

C)      Nothing of those 2 things”

If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with your lost treasure. Alright maaaan??

Gracie: Really? That’s easy! Pascal, I lost my golden axe.

Kiya: Well, I guess the sea hasn’t stolen anything from me, so he doesn’t have to give anything back…

Pascal: Congrats maaan! You shall be rewarded with the golden axe!

Kiya: *sight* Well… at least we tried!

Gracie: YES! I knew it, I knew it! I always knew-

Pascal: No, no, no! The other maaan one, Kiya I believe is your name right?

Rosie: Yay Kiya! You did it!

Kiya: Really? Thank you so much Pascal!

Gracie: Ugh! This can’t be! *She leaves the café*

Pascal: Maaan, I’m going to the beach to dive into the sea and await a new adventure…

Rosie: We did it! We have the golden axe… Now we’ll have to check the acwwbook golden tools guide to find out what it does!


This story is dedicated to Kiya, as a present for wining 3rd prize in one of my contests. Thank you for all your support Kiya!


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 4 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 4 by Jemma

Rosie: Now what? How can we get the mayor to give us a scallop?

Kiya: I believe he wants the massage chair, and as Gracie just said in her letter, Pascal will give to us the golden axe for the scallop, right?

Rosie: Yay! We’ve got everything planned out!

Kiya: That is true, unless Tortimer doesn’t give to us the scallop…

Rosie: What do you mean?

Kiya: Well, we know Tortimer wants the massage chair and Pascal wants the scallop, but we don’t know what Tortimer will give to us, it can be an acorn, his acorn mask…

Rosie: *Puts her hand in her ears* Lalala- I’m not listening! Tortimer is not Cornimer!

Kiya: Sure he isn’t Rosie, sure he isn’t…

Rosie: So what you’re saying is our plan can fail?

Kiya: Yes, I-

Rosie: Ugh! I hate it when you find errors in my plan!

Kiya: Your plan? Excuse me but I’m doing all the thinking here!

Rosie: Can’t I dream? But you’re right! *giggles* I’m more of a Fash-

Kiya: Don’t you dare say that word! Come on, let’s just go find the mayor!

Rosie: Yeah! Let’s go!

*At the Town Hall*

Pelly: Hello! How may I help you?

Rosie: We wish to speak to the mayor please!

Pelly: Oh, I’m sorry girls! The mayor is occupied, (very occupied), talking to someone about some golden thingy… The poor mayor is so confused I may have to prepare double hot soup tonight and sleep medicine *sight*

*In a room at the town hall they can hear…*


Tortimer: I-I’m so-sorry what? I don’t have a-a Doll Top! Unless it’s from a doll that massages my poor back…


Tortimer: I-I’m what? Listen m-maim I just want a massage chair for my poor back, and-


Tortimer:  What’s a Scrapot? And where’s my massage chair? *sight*

*Outside the room*

Rosie: We’ve got a massage chair!

Pelly: Oh! Really? Would you like to give it to Tortimer? I’ve got a Scallop if it could be of any interest for you…

Kiya: Sure! Here you go! Thank you so much!

*Gracie comes out of the room*

Gracie: Wait! NOOO! That’s my Scallop! Give it to me!

Tortimer: Pelly, dear, do we have a Dall Top?

Pelly: *Laughs* Don’t worry Tortimer, I’ve got your massage chair!

Tortimer: Go-ood! Now my poor itchy back will relax at la-last!

*Kiya and Rosie leave, pulling Gracie out too*

Rosie: OK! So we’ve got the Scallop, but we have another problem, where’s Pascal? And… we’re ahead of Gracie!

Kiya: That’s right! Yay Turnip Team!

Rosie: Hey, I know a better name: “Red Fashion Turnipistas!”

Kiya: Turnip-istas? *sight*


Remember: The Chapter 1 of the acwwbook album is available now! Click here!


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3

Kiya: *Bangs on Rosie’s house door* Rosie! Rosie, wake up! Wake up!

Rosie: Shut up! Let me sleep!

Kiya: Wow… Never saw you like that!

Rosie: That’s ’cause you don’t wake me up that early!

Kiya: Early? Really? Rosie it’s 2pm!

Rosie: *Opens house door* OK well then, let’s go!

Kiya: How’d you get dressed-? Never mind! There’s Saharah.

Rosie: Um… hello? Excuse-

Saharah: Oh my! Is that? It is! Is that a turban? Do you need it? I need it! Desert needs it! Oh my!

Kiya: Well, sure… here, take it!

Saharah: Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rosie: Hey wait! Now what? We need something in return (some piece of clothing if possible)

Saharah: Oh! Yes! There you go… a massage chair! But if you want clothes…

Kiya: No! This is perfect! *Whispers to Rosie: Golden Axe, Gracie, item trading. Remember?*

Rosie: Oh, yeah, right! (at least I get a free massage!)

Kiya: So, Saharah, who would trade a massage chair for a golden axe?

Saharah: I’m not sure if he would give to you a golden axe, but Mr. Tortimer would probably give big things to have a massage for his poor back.

Kiya: That’s great! Thank you Saharah!

Saharah: Oh! Wait! A funky giraffe who I believed was named Gracie gave a little note for me to deliver to Kiya? So there you go little one!

Rosie: Hurry up! Open it! Let’s see what it says…

Dear Kiya,

I knew you would arrive this far! Not even I can deny that you’re very smart, but what you need it sharpness! Something only a true Fashionista has!

See you with someone I will not tell you! Muahaha!

PS: Even when you receive the Scallop, Pascal only gives real golden axe’s to Sharp people!


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2

Wendell: So… so… hungry, must eat something!!!

Kiya: Oh! Umm… Hello! Do you happen to like red turnips? It’s the only thing I have!

Rosie: Ehem! Kiya the Red turnip is for the golden axe!

Kiya: Just let it go! Gracie has got the golden axe! *gives the turnip to Wendell*

Wendell: Woot thanks! And to show my gratitude to you I will give you… the Turban!!!

Kiya: Wait! You didn’t eat it?!?

Wendell: Of course not! I sell it for bells!

Kiya: But aren’t you hungry?

Wendell: I buy food for bells!

Kiya: But you can get fruit from the trees!

Wendell: But me want cooked food!

Kiya: But Nook doesn’t even cook!

Wendell: Timmy and Tommy do! In exchange for a red turnip!

Kiya: But you-

Wendell: Do you mind? It’s MY life!

Kiya: Sure…

Wendell: So, what do you think of my presie?

Kiya: Oh! Yeah! What is it?

Wendell: *shock* You no know what it is? It protects you from the hard sun in the desert! Look I have a drawing of it! *shows the drawing*

Kiya: Oh! I get it! Thank you so much!!! It’s gonna be real useful!

*Wendell leaves*

Kiya: Rosie do you want a Turban?

Rosie: Hmm… No, is it that thingy for the desert?

Kiya: Seems like, what can I do with it?

Both: Wait! Desert!!! Sahara!!!

Rosie: But how’s that gonna help us get the golden axe?

Kiya: Hmm… I don’t know! Maybe she’ll give you an item that someone wants in exchange for the golden axe?

Rosie: Yeah, Maybe.

Kiya: Wait! Follow me! *they enter Nook’s*

Rosie: Why are we here?

Kiya: To order Sahara’s carpet! So Nook has to order Sahara to come to AquaTown! And we’ll give the turban to Sahara!

Rosie: Oh! Goodies!

Rosie: See? This is why we are a team! I am cute and beautiful and don’t wear clothes from the garbage and you think!

Kiya: OK! And, hey! I only wore that dress form the garbage ‘cause it was nice! (and had a tomato sauce stain on it) but, still, it was very nice!

Rosie: Really? How about the horse dress?

Kiya: Oh… yeah… well do you want me to order the carpet or not?

Rosie: Sure! I’ll wait outside!


Rosie: So? Any luck?

Kiya: Yup! Sahara’s coming tomorrow morning!!!

Rosie: Great! That’s awesome!

Kiya: I know! Now we just have to wait!

Rosie: Well then, see you tomorrow!

Kiya: Good night!


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1 by Jemma

The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1

Rosie: Hey Kiya! It’s been a long time since I saw you walking around Bellwood! Where were you?

Kiya: Oh! Rosie don’t you remember? I won a best portrait of “The Mona Lisa” contest and I went to Africa to receive the prize!

Rosie: Oh my! I thought you went there next month! Well anyway, what was the prize? Come on! Tell me!

Kiya: *sight* it was only a red turnip, oh and a check of 1,489 bells, that barely paid for my week in a 1 star hotel

Rosie: Wow! Africa is not cheap!  Wait, did you say a red turnip?

Kiya: Yes, a red turnip

Rosie: OMG!!!  A red turnip? Give it to Wendell! And then he will give you something, that you have to give to someone and that someone will give to you something that you have to give to another someone and you will get a Golden Axe!!

Kiya: Wait! What???

Rosie: I don’t know didn’t you hear me???

Mysterious Woman: I DO know what to do!

Both: Gracie? Really? Tell us!!!

Gracie: For 5,000 bells I will tell you!

Kiya: No way Fashion-Freaky-Lady!

Gracie: Excus-

Rosie: She means, of course!!! *grabs Kiya’s wallet* Here you are Gracie!

Kiya: What? Give that-

Gracie: Thank you, Fashionista! Now, here’s what I know: I also have a Red Turnip, and you have one too! Give it to Wendell if you want, but Pascal only has ONE Golden Axe! And I will get it!!! Hahaha!

Both: Only one?! Wait what?

Gracie: Ciao! Fashion-not-istas! *Leaves with her car*

Kiya: She ripped us off!!! That Fashionista Freaky Old Lady just ripped us off! I thought I was going to get ripped off by Bill Gates but not by a No-bran Fashion Freak!!!

Rosie: Ohh! It’s war alright! Against my Fashion Heroin but it’s still war!!!

Kiya:  … Alright ?


~ Jemma


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