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73 thoughts on “Chatroom

  1. I have a recommendation,Jemma 😉
    Since you REALLY like Harry Potter,i just realized that i also played
    a game about you studying at a magic academy 😮
    Magician’s Quest:Mysterious Times
    it’s also a role playing game like ACWW but with magic!
    i know ALL the spells on that Game so you can ask whenever you want!
    it’s a fun game where your friends can visit your academy too
    i never tried it yet and i don’t know if that game allows wi-fi 😯
    The Game’s a LOT of fun,because you can trick your friends and enemies
    but will reward you with an evil wizard title if you done too much… -_-
    this comment is so long …
    anyway i’ll explain the bad sides and why i refunded it 😆 it’s true!
    1.Trees will eventually die..ew!
    2.Plant a shrub take berries…POOF! dead!’ll never know if your BESTEST friend will move away because
    they don’t pack,REMEMBER! they got magic to pack things up!
    4. Plant flowers and the next day they’ll die 😦 can’ design your town! every town isn’t really unique
    just the same town layout OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
    6.Furniture or other stuff’s prices go higher if time just flies by 😛
    7.The game’s really scary,at night i see ghosts! x(
    and scary creatures will come to you… specially at “Mystery Time”
    8.Berries is the only fruit in the game and eventually ROT TO DEATH!
    9.Some NPCs will neglect you if you neglect them! 😯
    and i still can’t buy clothes because of a 3 months vacation last year!
    10.You’ll have…(boy friends) i don’t like to be seen with an “animal” boyfriend it’ll be more good if that animal turns into a human!

    I think that’s it anyway just a recommendation,
    you may not buy it because of the bad sides…
    but the good thing is you can play instruments,have a town with
    all just ALL grass!,cliffs and big houses but no improvements -_-

    • and JUST to rate how beautiful looking your town is,you have to face in the entrance through the forest holding some kind of a precious object like diamonds,emeralds etc. and then this cute big tree will appear! and gives you gifts if your town is awesome but when you sell them it’s pretty cheap… 😛

  2. XD sounds like fun! By the way: Long comment! 🙂 No worries there’s no rule against long comments
    I would love to buy this game, Teru reviewed it in one of her posts and it seems like it’s kinda a replica of acww but with more magic to it, here’s how the wikipedia describes it:
    “Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times is a fantasy-adventure and life simulation game for the Nintendo DS where players are tasked with attending classes in a Magic Academy, to learn the mysteries of magic and the art of casting spells, while building relationships with other students.
    The game is strikingly similar to Animal Crossing: Wild World on the same platform but offers far more to do and a much bigger world to live in.”

    Text source
    Even the image of the cover looks a bit like Animal Crossing’s one, it sounds super fun, my birthday is not far from now, maybe I could order it and test it!

  3. Hello again! i finally get to use my computer! XD i’ve wi-fied with some people that are on my “on moderation” list… i never cared to approve them 😛

    you never got time to update them 😆 it’s always “‘Offline,pretty busy” 😦
    haha,kinda like Kammile’s 😆

  4. Hello! I love your weekly poll XP and your blog 😛 I voted “a lot of fruits” as I think the fruits are the most colorfull things in your town, the green leaves, the pink, orange, green or red fruits… I just love them! Oh! And I never forget the coconuts!

  5. A present for you! 😛 haha, I experimented with custom rating images on my own site and thought I’d make a present custom rating image for yours! This one has half-opened presents for half stars and it changes colors when you hover. 🙂 You don’t have to use it, of course. 😛

    • OMG!! That’s wonderful! I can’t believe I have friends that would do that for me!!! Thank’s so much! I can’t find ways to describe what this present is!!! It’s, it’s… wonderful!!! 😆 I will surely use it! And of course give you credit for it do not worry!

      • Aww, I’m glad you like it! 🙂 I think it looks great! You didn’t have to give me credit. 😛 But I appreciate it, that was nice of you to link to my blog and everything! 🙂

  6. Private Comment
    ?? Well,this was weird,i was looking for some hidden pics to be deleted and i found this…
    I think it’s for the ratings as a little test O_O I think it can be put to good use…
    but i know how this will NEVER defeat the presents! 😆 I’m stupid at making pics pixel by pixel!
    xD Oh and my exams are finished,for the whole weekend = FUN!! :mrgreen:

  7. Sorry, Late Reply. 😛
    Because i couldn’t comment on her blog too much, but it’s ok now, It was nice of you
    to offer such a friendly deed like that! :O Thanks! :mrgreen: (It’s all fine now. 🙂 )

  8. About the contest prizes, When are you gonna give it to us? (Amy and Me?)
    I’m pretty much free for the week. (Still follow my wi-fi schedule. 😳 I have school too! xP)

    • I could bring the prizes to your Halloween party 😉 If you want them before just tel me and maybe we could arrange some meeting before the party 😛 I believe I already gave you 1,000 bells or so (maybe it was a gift and it doesn’t count xD) But anyway main plan is I’ll bring the prizes in the party is that alright for you?
      PS: Actually main plan was bringing them on your birthday 😆

  9. Hey Kammile! Not after this weekend as I will be on a trip, and I can’t bring my Nintendo 😦 But I will try to finish it after I get back and post pictures about it! Sorry for this inactive week, I’ve been pretty busy 😕

  10. I’m if this sounds really sad but… I restarted. 😆
    Yup, I restarted my town, It’s called Alpwood now and i like how i have
    my house on the middle of my island and a really good luck on my first try on
    my restart, haha, Unbelievable but i just got tired of my town. 😛

    I hope to see your town soon! ^^
    – kammile –

    • Yeah! I heard! I couldn’t believe it until I saw the post on your blog…
      I hope you have a great time with your new town!
      PS: I love the name! Alpwood! Hehe 😀

  11. Oh and my blog is back to it’s old background again. 😆
    City Folk is only gonna be settled on my one and only blog. 😉
    I guess the snow has been getting popular this december. 😀
    I have it now on my blog too, thanks to Emma for reminding me. 😆

    Anyway, I was planning a wi-fi meeting.
    What time would you be available? 🙂 Please follow my usual schedule though. 😆

  12. Jemma what it’s the FC of your character Jemma???? I need these FC urgently for my partyyyyyy!!! Uhu and add me on your character Jemma too! ANd.. what it’s the new fc of Kammile? 😀 Answer me quickly pleaseee

    • Emma, don’t worry, calm down 🙂
      You don’t need Jemma’s FC, I’ll come to your party with Rina, I have her outfit planed, her hair, the objects she’s bringing, but still if you want Jemma’s FC it’s here:
      But please note, I’ll come to your party with Rina.
      As for Kammile’s friend code she has it in Animal Crossing Community, and if you don’t have an account you could ask her, because my Nintendo is red and I’m searching for a power cable for it 😆 Don’t worry, I’ll find it before Saturday.

  13. Hello Jemma~

    You are one of the purest and most friendliest people i met… *hugs my friendsss…*
    Keep purity and kindness alive!

    I will ALWAYS be here.. with you…standing… FOREVER. QvQ
    If there’s any problem, contact me asap!

    …. *50 years later* …
    Jemma: Are we still standing?
    Me: YESH. To prove our loyal friendship! :mrgreen:

    • That is such a sweet comment! If I could I would hug you, but since I can’t *grabs computer and hugs it* That hug is for you!!!

      I will also be there for you if you have any problems, and will always respect you!
      I hope after we quit blogging (someday it’ll happen) it would be cool if we still sent each other some e-mail every now and then because you are a great friend!!

      Hugs, kisses and lots of love, Jemma

  14. For Skye:

    Haha, you go to and click get a chatroom, next customize it and copy/paste the code or log into wp in so that you get a post with the chat, then just copy/paste the post into a page, or link the post to a widget to get your brand new chatroom!

  15. Jemma. 😦 I miss you already, i hope your alright there and i hope you can post something to alert us. :l

    Whoa.. free copyright on that bottom-left widget. 😆
    o___o 738 spam comments?! then.. lots of your blog comments must be spam.. what?!
    I have a total of 74 spams during those kammileacblog,kamacjournal and chocosacjournal times. >_> Spam determines how popular your blog is and yours are so definitely better! 😀 Nice and fun captions with a fun author! :mrgreen:

    Your blog is so awesome! 😀

    • Aww I’m so sorry for not doing absolutely anything blog-related, I’m just having a rough time, take a look at this image.

      I guess I should be happy to have so much spam? But spam really is a pain in the butt! :mrgreen: But what I really am happy is to have such a great friend like you! You’re blog is so awesome too! Interesting drawings, posts, fun and kind author…

      Sorry again for being so absent, oh, and I’ve updated this page, as you may see.

      • Hmm.. That’s troll message. -_-‘
        I hate people like that! I really love your blog! Your pictures and captions are really fun to read!

        Thanks Jemma. TvT Same here, I love your blog as much as you like mine.
        Ohh! I wanna see it now~

  16. I saw those mean xat chats. 😦 It made me sad to see them and I wished I could delete them for you, I hope you won’t take what they said to heart. It doesn’t sound like a stranger, but someone who knows you. 😕 Ahh, blogging about something as uncontroversial and happy as Animal Crossing really shouldn’t attract hateful comments like you and Choco have received (and I have, just once). 😦

    I thought your absense must have been because of schoolwork or something, so I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough time! I hope things get better for you ❤ Don't stress over updating your blog, take your time if you need a break. 🙂

    • I won’t take them to heart, but it still kinda hurts just experiencing so much hate.

      I agree with you, this is Animal Crossing, an all age game full of happy experiences and funny moments, no one really needs haters around. I hope this doesn’t repeat again, not for me, neither for you or Choco or anyone! If you do the best you can, absolutely no one has the right to judge.

      Thanks Amy, I’m touched that you’re not mad at me for being absent! 🙂

    • Chocoooo!! I miss you too!! ❤
      I'm not sure if I'll get the new 3DS but if I do, I'm definitely getting AC:3DS it's my number1 reason to even get the nintendo!! hahah

      • Ahhh, Please get it! Or get the special AC bundle. (with the game downloaded to it!) 😀 It’s released on Europe right now so i’m pretty sure it’ll be there in Spain. 🙂

  17. You know you do patterns for people, well, could you do a pattern for a bathroom wall? I have mad some bathroom tile but i really need a pattern for a wall suitable for a bathroom

    • It’s where you put links of blogs you like so other people can see them and visit them! It’s a great way to meet new people since you can just say “I’ll add you to my blogroll, would you mind adding me?” or something like that 🙂
      To make one just go to “links” somewhere in your dashboard and add one! Hope I helped!

  18. jemma, do you go on your blog anymore..? You were the first person to be nice to me on wordpress, and since you haven’t done any posts at all, well it feels like you NEVER go on here anymore..

    • I actually sometimes do come back and check if anyone has left a comment, I’m glad to see you around!! I have been… actually I don’t really know how I’ve been respecting blogging (lazy, inconsistent?)
      School has started and I don’t find as much fun in acww as I did, I got a perfect town, but lost it, which frustrated me a lot… I guess that’s a little bit the reason I’ve got into other things? I’ve been reading books (The Da Vinci Code!!) and playing Minecraft, actually!

      Thanks for the sweet comment and sorry for not updating… ever, my last post was in August?!?!

      • Oh, i kinda play ac everyday. I don’t find acww fun either, instead, i play ac:nl. Yup, i do other stuff too! I enjoy the hunger games and david walliams books. I don’t like minecraft, and.. i kinda enjoy baking and painting, but i always find time for wordpress.

        I’ve had a perfect town, but i’ve abandoned it since i got acnl I really don’t play acww anymore, since i completed it. If i went back there, all the villagers would probaly be like, half dead *GULP* Xd

        • Hahahaha that’s great, you probably organize your time better than I do, with classes, English and guitar lessons extracurricular activities, reading, hanging out, internet… that pretty much is my life hahaha I really need to focus on studies to study in a good college.

          Hahhahah yeah, my town is probably not very appealing hahaha.

          • Yeah, i guess i’m pretty organized.
            School until 2:45pm, Then I do one piece of homework, Some days i do my posting on my blog, the games i do, then dinner and FINALLY i spend time with my mum.

            This is amazing though, one monday night i managed to post about 100ish photos on my blog, have a hour or two on my favorite computer game animal jam, have dinner, spend a hour with my mum
            doing baking..that night was amazing.

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