Special chapter

Woot woot! How’s summer going??

So at the last page of the chapter it explains a little contest. Hahah thing is I created this chapter over a year ago, and just never published it! I realize now how ridiculous the contest is and would appreciate it if you just ignore it heheh, how embarrassing!

Other than that, enjoy this one!! It’s a bit special since my character in Animal Crossing Ariadna created it instead of Jemma, but I thought it was funny!

PS. This represents my character Ariadna talking to my other character, Jemma, it’s all fiction! It’s kind of like a tiny little winy story. For example when in the last page it says “You’re always there for me…” and basically Ariadna starts complementing Jemma, I’m in no way saying that I’m that way or complementing myself 😛 Just though I would place a little disclaimer there because I realized it kind of sounded like I was saying that to myself, hahah.


9 thoughts on “Special chapter

    • Aww that picture is so awesome!!! It’s from Amy’s party, omg and the quality is spectacular!! LOVE IT!

      Hahah thank you, Teru! I’m glad you liked it!
      And I get the message whenever my character can not go to sleep for some reason, for example I got it when Michael had just arrived at the town, and you know when Tom Nook comes and says hi right when you walk out of your house for the first time? Well I went to sleep and since I can’t save my game at that moment, I got the message! Hehe hope this helped! 🙂

      • Ahh cool, I never tried going to bed during those times! Lol, it’s a nice way for the game to tell you you’re not allowed to save.

  1. Hi Jemma! I don’t know if you were still online when I changed accounts, but it’s Will from willacdiary.wordpress.com. I have entered the contest so you can find the picture here – [http://theacplace.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/jemma001.jpg?w=470] – Sorry it’s not very good, it looked better before I scanned it in 😆

    It was a good chapter ^_^ I love looking through these, it’s a clever way to show pictures 🙂

    • Oh, and I just saw the bit where you said to ignore the contest, I guess I just couldn’t resist. Sorry ’bout that 😳 But enjoy the picture anyway ^-^

      • Hahahah thanks, Will!! Don’t worry about it, thanks for sending me the picture anyway 🙂 I loved it!! It’s so sweet of you!! Thanks!!

        • Oh thanks 🙂 Not everyone has changed their blogroll to my new blog, so I appreciate it ^_^ I’m glad you liked the picture, I tried to do it at first with a keyboard and mouse, but it turned out terrible, so I hope this one is as good as you said 😀

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