Chapter 2

Hope you enjoy this chapter!!

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. What a nice album, how’d you make it like that? just clicking and making it show slideshows of pictures. 😀 It’s so cool!

    Good job on this album! 😉 I really missed those times.. i still can’t find my DS. xP It’s not on my locker either. 😦

    • Thank you so much, Kammile!
      I just upload the image (at least 2 to form a slideshow) and go to the gallery mode in the “insert an image” menu and clicked at the bottom of the page “Insert Slideshow”. That was really it, pretty simple when you know where the button is 😛

      Really? You still can’t find it? Aww, that’s so sad, I really hope you can find it soon! Is it possible someone could have stolen it? 😦

      • haha, i haven’t posted any picture posts in a while. 😆 I’ll try to do that too if i get my new camera.. and find my DS. T_T

        Pretty much. I think it’s just lost. There were no sign of a thief coming in the house, the windows we’re locked and not broken, the door is safely locked with also my cute yet aggressive dog inside the house, there’s no way a thief could get away alive. XDD (My dog tries to bite every “guest” 😆 )

  2. Wow I really like this chapter! I love the themes: Winter and Spring 😀 Your a good album maker lol 😀 Auu I miss winter well not winter I miss Christmas I will love to be in Christmas one day and then return to the summer 😀 I love your albums too because they are like memories of your acww life! And most of this album memories are about winter! Love it ^^
    Btw how many chapters are you gonna do?

    • That would certainly be nice, going to winter for one day and then back to summer!!
      Thank you so much, Emma you’re very, very sweet!!

      I’m probably going to make about 5-7 chapters or so, I already have a third one and will post it in September! I’ll make a fourth one and a fifth one for sure, 6th maybe and a 7th one is unlikely but yeah, probably.
      Maybe even 8, it really depends on how often I make them and when I decide to leave my blog, 6 sounds a good number and more than 5 for sure!

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