The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1 by Jemma

The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1

Rosie: Hey Kiya! It’s been a long time since I saw you walking around Bellwood! Where were you?

Kiya: Oh! Rosie don’t you remember? I won a best portrait of “The Mona Lisa” contest and I went to Africa to receive the prize!

Rosie: Oh my! I thought you went there next month! Well anyway, what was the prize? Come on! Tell me!

Kiya: *sight* it was only a red turnip, oh and a check of 1,489 bells, that barely paid for my week in a 1 star hotel

Rosie: Wow! Africa is not cheap!  Wait, did you say a red turnip?

Kiya: Yes, a red turnip

Rosie: OMG!!!  A red turnip? Give it to Wendell! And then he will give you something, that you have to give to someone and that someone will give to you something that you have to give to another someone and you will get a Golden Axe!!

Kiya: Wait! What???

Rosie: I don’t know didn’t you hear me???

Mysterious Woman: I DO know what to do!

Both: Gracie? Really? Tell us!!!

Gracie: For 5,000 bells I will tell you!

Kiya: No way Fashion-Freaky-Lady!

Gracie: Excus-

Rosie: She means, of course!!! *grabs Kiya’s wallet* Here you are Gracie!

Kiya: What? Give that-

Gracie: Thank you, Fashionista! Now, here’s what I know: I also have a Red Turnip, and you have one too! Give it to Wendell if you want, but Pascal only has ONE Golden Axe! And I will get it!!! Hahaha!

Both: Only one?! Wait what?

Gracie: Ciao! Fashion-not-istas! *Leaves with her car*

Kiya: She ripped us off!!! That Fashionista Freaky Old Lady just ripped us off! I thought I was going to get ripped off by Bill Gates but not by a No-bran Fashion Freak!!!

Rosie: Ohh! It’s war alright! Against my Fashion Heroin but it’s still war!!!

Kiya:  … Alright ?


~ Jemma


25 thoughts on “The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1 by Jemma

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    • Yeah it made me smile writing Gracie’s lines too 😛 I like writing stories but it’s a lot of work! And thank you so much for the nice comments you always post on my blog! 😉

      • haha, I can definitely see Gracie charging 5000 bells for that bit of info. 😛
        Yeah, it is a lot of work, and you’re brave as well; I could never post any of my writing on the internet!

  2. Haha, that sounds just like me 🙂
    This is so interesting. I think I’m going to try to follow along with the story starting tomorrow when I buy some red turnips!

  3. 😆 Awesome Story,Jemma! 😉 “Fashion-freaky-lady” 😆 LOL!
    That was an AWESOME story! I hope you post the part 2! Can’t wait!
    I’m *SO* excited! xD

    Joan-Red Turnip ~ Wendell-Turban ~ Saharah-Massage Chair ~ Tortimer-Scallop ~ Pascal-Golden Axe!

    It’s gonna be a LOONG way there! xD Good Luck Kiya and Rosie!
    Gracie’s going dooown!! 😈

    • Hahaha, I like your comments Kammile! They make me laugh 😆 I’ll post part 2 in a few days (I think maybe next saturday as tomorrow 5 school days start 😦
      Hope I can post it before! Remember you can also send to me some stories or we could even make one together! (that would be fun 😛 )

  4. Thank you all! I smile so many times when I read all your comments (of all of you 😛 ) you’re
    always so nice to me!
    I’m happy to have friends like you! Who always comment and you all know that blogging is a lot of work but I hope my comments make you wanna post more and more just like all your comments make me wanna post more and more! 😀

  5. I don’t say that! You changed my comment! XD
    But it’s ok! ‘cose i post a bad comment and you changed, It’s ok 😉
    BTW I love your post and your blog! 😆
    Well…… I now than you hate my publicity! XD
    but can you visit my blog! XD (just if you want 😉 )
    Did you see the new pages and the post?
    You now… it’s of my favourite actress…..Emma Watson! 🙂

    • XD Sure I’ll visit your blog! And sorry I changed the comment but it wasn’t saying a very nice thing… (not a very bad thing either 😆 ) Thanks for the compliments and I’ll comment on your blog right after homework 😉

    • Hehe, gracias Marta! Y felicidades en empezar de nuevo sin trucos! Lo que te recomiendo es no afrustrarte y esforzarte al máximo! 😉 También te recomiendo que te propongas algunas metas: conseguir dinero, completar el catálogo… Así te será más fácil y divertido el juego!!! 😀 Y si vas justa de dinero no olvides preguntar! Me encantaria ayudarte! Y si no podrias participar en alguno de mis concursos 😛 Si ganas el primer premio te llevas 50,000 ballas!!! 😀

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