Official Album!

Hello there! Welcome to this page and thank you for visiting my blog! This is the Album of my blog that I’m working on, here’s how it works:

  • Every now and then I’ll post a new chapter for the album.
  • Some chapters will be exclusive for subscribers of this blog and some will not.
  • The chapters that are exclusive for subscribers will be published on a different page with a password that I will send to the subscribers.
  • Every chapter includes pictures and a video of the album.
  • πŸ˜† Enjoy!

Chapter 1 is available now for everyone!

Chapter 2 is available for subscribers only!

Chapter 3 is coming soon and will include a special contest!

Important notice: Everyone who follows me threw wordpress, please leave here your e-mail in a private comment, so I can e-mail you the password. To leave a private comment just type in any part of the comment “private comment


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