Acorn Festival

The Acorn Festival has officially started!!!

Here I am walking arround my town and… Hey! There’s a tree with acorns! Yay! Let’s capture them 😈

Here’s Kiki’s opinion about the festival, I guess she’ll be catching acorns too! I better hurry up before only rotten acorns are left! 😕

Here you can see my house full of items around it, is it my fault that my wardrobe is full and I want acorns??? When the festival is over I’m gonna have to clean up my town, and afterwords… I’ll place my path! (it was about time 😛 )

Ohh! Red Dragonfly! Sorry for the bad quality in this pic, these dragonflies move slow but not slow enough to catch them on camera! xD

I planted a few hybrids in the entrance, these will go around my path when it’s placed around my town 😀

Aww! Margie was very nice to me! And she was my way of earning 500 bells for each dress I gave to her! 😦

I love when she calls me “Mitch!” I hope she thinks about this twice before moving…

These are the acorns I’m gonna give Cornimer, better get rid of that rotten one before I actually give them to him! Here are the different types of acorns: (please correct me if a name is incorrect, I did this by what I remember and I may be wrong)

  • Rotten Acorns (do not give to Cornimer!)
  • Small Acorn
  • Big acorn
  • Acorn
  • Round Acorn

Giving the acorns to Cornimer…

Laughing with Cornimer 😆

And seeing the number of acorns I gave him! By now I actually gave him 150 acorns or so 😛

You get a prize after each few acorns you give Cornimer, in the feature guide of the Acorn Festival I will post more information 😉

Hehe, Cornimer singing… 😳

1 more??? Gosh this is frustrating! But it’s well worth it! I love the mush-series of furniture in Wild World!

Off topic                                                 

Aww… The palm trees, the moonlight, me… And an acorn? Acorn, Acorn, Acorn!!! ❗ :mrgreen:

In topic                                                             

Is there an acorn behind me??? 😆 I never guess Cornimer’s or Tortimer’s fortune…

There wasn’t exactly an acorn behind me… It was actually Cornimer with his acorn-masked-head 😛

So that’s enough about acorns for today! I’m getting dizzy writing down so many times “acorn” 😕

So here’s Olivia! The new neighbor of usa!!! I just love how she decorated her house! Take a closer look:

She also seems very nice as I talked to her twice and she gave to me her ranch bed! (you can see the pic of it above)

And I also finally got my red ridding hoody! And guess who gave it to me… Kiki!!!

OK! I’m feeling better so I’m gonna talk a bit more about the “acorn” word 🙂

Here’s my “storage room” that in the future is gonna become my mush-themed room! So I hope I can complete the series!

Today was also Kiki’s birthday! So I went over and…

Oh no! Kiki is gonna move! 😯 On the day of her birthday!!! Noo! It can’t be! Kiki don’t leave! 😥

But I think I convinced her to stay, and just as a plan B she’s gonna receive a lot of letters… 🙄

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post! And good luck hunting for those acorns!!! 😉


6 thoughts on “Acorn Festival

  1. Yay, good luck in collecting acorns and in setting up a path! I’m looking forward to seeing it 🙂 Maybe we can WiFi sometime (and I can pick up my contest prize?) when the Acorn Festival is over, but I’m too embarrrassed of my town at the moment 😆 (with the missing flowers and path patterns because of the acorn festival).

    Oh cool, you have Olivia now! She was one of my favorites and the first villager I met back in AC:GC, but I let her go from Dafdilly a while ago since I want Queenie to be Dafdilly’s resident snooty (though right now Tipper is >_>). I do like Olivia’s decorating with the regal furniture and ivory piano. ^_^ Good job with convincing Kiki and Margie to stay! You have some cool residents 8)

    Haha, I love how the red riding hoody has been such a hit among me, you, Kammile, and Emma. 😆

  2. 😆 Yeah Red ridding hoody is a special dress 😛
    Both Margie and Kiki are staying in usa! And this time I’m gonna try much harder to lock Kiki, I read in some web page that if you convince a villager to stay it’s still the next one to move 😦 Hope that’s not true and I can lock Kiki once and for all!! 😈
    Don’t worry Amy, my town’s looking awful too! I have peaces of path around some buildings, flowers in random spots (some of them wilted 😛 ) and furniture everywhere! 😦 I’ve got some cleaning up to do.
    And don’t worry I’ve been saving bells for about a month to pay you and Kammile 😉 Now you just have to come get the prize or I can bring it to you! 😉
    Bad news: I need 28 acorns to receive the forest floor and complete my mush-series 😦 but I only have rotten acorns!!! Oh well, I hope I have better luck next year! And hope you could complete the collection! 😀

    • Good luck with the locking! I find it really difficult to actively try to lock someone. -_- I’ve been trying to lock Pecan in my dad’s town, Red Bank, for ages.
      Now that the Acorn Festival is practically over (well, last day) we can do some cleaning up — or at least that was what was preventing me from doing so. 😛 I haven’t played yet today; the forest wall is all I have left, too, so I hope I can gather enough acorns!

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