Guides 2

Katie and Kaitlin Guide

Sometimes when you WiFi (see the DS to DS ans WiFi guide here) with someone often (2 or 3 times) you may find Katie or Kaitlin walking around your town.

Katie: a lost little kitten that will cry for her mother and tell you in which town she is.

What to do with Katie? Talk to her and chose the option “follow me” whenever it shows up and guide her to the gate to WiFi with the owner of the town where here mother is, be careful, walk slowly, Katie is just a little kitten and she will trip and cry.

Kaitlin: The mother of Katie that will tell you in which town her daughter got lost

What to do with Kaitlin? Talk to her and open your gates so that the owner of the town that has Katie will come in with Katie and reunite the mother and daughter.

After that, there will be a discussion between Katie and Kaitlin and Kaitlin will thank the person who brought Katie to the town. And the next day the person who had Katie (not Kaitlin) will receive a letter from Katie with a special furniture from the Katie and Kaitlin collection.

Jacob Ladder Guide

The Jacob Ladder is a flower  that will appear in your town only when you have a perfect town status (visit: to learn how to get a perfect town) The picture on the right is a Jacob Ladder –>

It can be placed as an accessory and can also be placed in the room, like other flowers it becomes wilted if you don’t water it.

Catching Tarantulas and Scorpions

I hope you enjoyed this entry and you found the information you needed. Please don’t copy this entry, I created it to give you information to READ and NOT COPY. This blog is unique created by me and does not contain copied information.



8 thoughts on “Guides 2

    😆 That Pic is from Amy’s blog! i recognized it because i think her pictures are too bright…
    You could have asked for permission and you could have put the Jacobs ladder that i gave you on your town and took a little pic of it 😉 Did it wilt and died or just planted it and ran over it? 😯
    Tell me if you “destroyed” it,i can give you another one! 😉

      • For Amy:I’m sorry,my pictures aren’t that good too! xP Sometimes a little dark,and when i always take pics,it forms a round or maybe a curved picture 😯 Don’t take it too seriously,every picture has it’s finger prints,I like the way you picture on your DS. 🙂
        and mine will never be compared to yours. 🙂 😳 Sorry if that made you feel bad! 😥

    • Yeah I was gonna but I forgot :S I really did XD I’m sorry Amy! I only just remembered when Kammile mentioned it 😛 Sorry Amy! Oh and Kammile I didn’t destroy it, just (like I told you in our wifi meeting) both my camera and DS where dead.

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