Photoshoot: Random

Hello!!! So lately my current obsession is taking random pictures of interesting moments/weird things hahah, so I just though I would share a few of them.

By the time this is published I’ll be on vacation, I’m using wordpress’ automatic publisher thingy, that kind of explains the lack of posts lately, sorry!! When I get back; I’ll try to do at the very least 1 a week, but if possible 2 a week 🙂 Thank you for understanding!!

3…2…1… START!!


Is this a glitch of some sort?? There are, no joke, 5 pond skaters in my tiny little pond…


Awww Melba came to my town, she’s so cute!!


I’d say Envy is probably correct (I know, I’m trying to fix that heheh), choosiness as well but not frivolity xD

IMG_4394 IMG_4415

So turns out I was cursed by Katrine (curse you Perry the platypus!!) But at least I got some good shots of me falling down!


Blather’s laughter


Waving hi to Pate!

IMG_4419 IMG_4421

IMG_4422 IMG_4424


Broke?! 😦


Back flip!!


Awww noo!! Poor Melba!


Rocco’s sexy ass 😆 (sorry for bad word, I meant it in a joke)


And last, but not least I was finally able to catch a hammerhead shark!! They say they’re quite aggressive if they’re hungry, but people actually dive down into the ocean to see them. Talk about brave!!


Perfection meets chaos -Chapter 2

Sorry for the short chapter, but I kind of wanted to end it there since chapter 3 is kind of different format of the story? Does that make sense? 😛

Perfection meets chaos. Part 2

As the town hall came into sight I started calming down, everything was going to be alright. It was probably just a big misunderstanding…

I grabbed my dress with both of my hands and pulled it upwards, so it wouldn’t touch the ground, and I started running, but I tripped on a rock and fell into a puddle full of mud.

Disgusting, it was truly disgusting, I was covered in mud, wet and now crying of anger. Hasn’t it ever happened to you? You’re so angry, just pissed off and instead of screaming you cry, in silence you let your tears drop off your face to the ground and slowly stay there for a minute or two, dry your tears off, get up and continue on before anyone realizes. Well that’s what I did.

How ironic, when I woke up this morning, I would have imagined myself crying of happiness because my new dress from Dolce & Gabbana had arrived, or my $2,839 purse, not because, nor could I pay these, but because I was covered in mud ruined and humiliated.

NO, wait I wasn’t humiliated, no one knew, and a last thing a lady looses is her dignity or pride. Up we go, Ariadna, keep your chin high.


So when I arrived there guess who I saw… yeah my day just couldn’t get any worse.

“Jemma! I thought you were designing at the Able Sisters…”

“Yeah, and I thought we could afford to pay our bills”


It was like a steel knife in my chest. You see? Money wasn’t just survival and luxury, it was me. Everything I had ever worked for in life came with this reward, pieces of green bills, that were worth everything, nothing’s free in life. My parents were so proud… All my roommates were too. Who was I now? Who am I still, up to this day? But more on that later… This was how it all started. They say everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end; but this was the end, it was the end of the easy days, and in came the hardest ones: the worst but also the best ones ever.


Thanks for reading! I’ll be going on vacation and I’ll be back blogging in 2 weeks or so, hope you understand!! Happy Summer!


Perfection meets chaos -Chapter 1

Perfection meets chaos. Part 1

It was an early morning, I was woken up by the “singing” (as she calls it) of Jemma’s horrifying bee, Jacob, I think is its name.

I threw the pillow that had fallen down from by bed on top of my ears and tried to fall asleep once again, but it was no use. I looked around, it was deserted, Jemma, Rina and Chris had woken up already and were living their poor lives. You see I was the only one of the house that knew how to dress, makeup, eat and do anything you can imagine with style, the others just did it their own way…

I got up from bed, put on a violet dress with yellow and orange flowers, got my comb and hairspray and started tidying my hair. After that, I walked down, and before having breakfast, went outside to open the mailbox and read the mail, like I had been doing for the past two years.

Always the same routine” I whispered to myself, and grabbed four letters from the mailbox; one was from my mom, so I put it in my pocket to read it while eating breakfast as I always liked to do, a second one was from the H.R.A, usually Rina reads these, so I left it back in the mailbox, the third one was from Nook, the owner of Nookingtoons sending a barbecue to Chris, the same model as that one I hid behind the house fence since Jemma and I had planned to not have to taste his barbecue ever again. And the last one was from the town hall, I was expecting news about how my founds had increased but instead I read this:

 “Due to you having no more money in your bank account, we have cancelled all your credit and debit cards until you invert more money in these.

You owe the bank 29,870 bells for your last spending of money in these shops:

  • Able Sisters
  • Nookingtoons

Sincerely, Pelly, your account manager.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it might be a joke from Pelly, but who does that? Besides, Pelly and I are too close for her to joke about these things with me.

I ran inside, grabbed the phone on top of the exotic end table in the main room, called Jemma, who must be helping out right now at the Able Sisters, and waited for an answer, she was the cleverest one of all and I was hoping for some advice.

“Hello? Is that you, Ariadna?”

I didn’t dare to answer, this was so embarrassing.

“Oh, umm… Jemma, Is that you? Oh, I’m so sorry I got confused”

“Okay, I guess. Are you alright?”

“Me? I’m as good as… peppermint! (Dang, what the hell did I just say?) Listen, unlike you, I got a life so I got to get going.”

I kind of regretted saying that, but I was in no mood to fix more mistakes. So I took the next step, going to the town hall.

Running towards the town hall I ran into Rina, tried not to speak to her, and I could tell she didn’t want to speak to me either. But I was too busy to wonder why.

Right as I was about to continue walking my stomach started doing loud noises, I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I was hungry, this forced Rina to start a conversation with me.

“Wow! The greatest, most elegant Ariadna didn’t eat breakfast?”

“Yeah, well I didn’t really have time, but I was planning on going to the Roost”

“So… shouldn’t you be running the other way?” A small accusing laugh escaped from Rina’s mouth.

“… Do you mind? I have stuff to do!”

“You like to laugh at other people but can’t stand it when they’re laughing at you, huh?”

“Shut up!”

I stepped to the right to start walking away again, but Rina also stepped in my way.

“Come on, I like laughing at you, but I still care, what’s wrong?”

“That I saw you outfit and I wanted to vomit”

“Vomit, really? How long did it take you to come up with that one, Ariadna?”

I then stepped to the left and, successfully, walked away.


Not the story: Ugh I kind of hate this format, this looked waaay better as a .docx file in my computer 😦 So maybe I’ll be experimenting with fonts and such in this post, don’t be surprised if tomorrow this post looks any different or such! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this one!


The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- by Jemmaa

The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- By Jemmaa

Kiya: We’ve looked everywhere for Pascal, but he just doesn’t show up!

Rosie:  Where could he be? Didn’t he promise us he would come to Bellwood today?

Kiya: Yes, he did!  Let’s just have some coffee, I’m sure he’ll come later on!

*At The Roost*

Rosie and Kiya: Pascal!! And… Gracie?!

Pascal: Hey there, maaaan!

Gracie: You’re too late girls! I already gave my scallop to Pascal! Hahaha, I told you: “A Fashionista always gets what she wants!

Kiya: No, wait! How’d Gracie get a scallop?

Rosie: Who cares? Pascal we have another scallop!

Pascal: Two scallops? My, my. I have never been in a situation where two compete but only one can win… actually I’ll have both scallops! But I’ll only reward the cleverest.

Rosie: Kiya is clever! Kiya is very clever!

Gracie: Shut it, blue-cat!

Pascal: I shall test both of you!

Kiya: Great! I got an “A” in biology, and math, and Spanish, and English…

Gracie: WHAT? That’s not fear!

Pascal: True cleverness is not revealed in one grade, it’s revealed in the true emotions and in the tears of one.

Brewster: Alright, not that I was listening the hole time but should I have understood that?

Rosie: I didn’t understand it either… But anyway, Kiya is super clever, she’s a… a… she’s a clever-ista!

Brewster: Yeah… Neither did I understand that…

Pascal: Are you ready for the test?

Kiya and Gracie: Yes!

Pascal: Here it goes maaaan:

“The sea reveals only the treasures he stole from you when you are honest, and honestly is always the best policy… So you better be ready maaaan, here’s the question:

What has the sea stolen from you?

A)     A golden Axe

B)      A 100,000 bells

C)      Nothing of those 2 things”

If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with your lost treasure. Alright maaaan??

Gracie: Really? That’s easy! Pascal, I lost my golden axe.

Kiya: Well, I guess the sea hasn’t stolen anything from me, so he doesn’t have to give anything back…

Pascal: Congrats maaan! You shall be rewarded with the golden axe!

Kiya: *sight* Well… at least we tried!

Gracie: YES! I knew it, I knew it! I always knew-

Pascal: No, no, no! The other maaan one, Kiya I believe is your name right?

Rosie: Yay Kiya! You did it!

Kiya: Really? Thank you so much Pascal!

Gracie: Ugh! This can’t be! *She leaves the café*

Pascal: Maaan, I’m going to the beach to dive into the sea and await a new adventure…

Rosie: We did it! We have the golden axe… Now we’ll have to check the acwwbook golden tools guide to find out what it does!


This story is dedicated to Kiya, as a present for wining 3rd prize in one of my contests. Thank you for all your support Kiya!


Chapter 3: Holidays at my town

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Holidays at my town. By Jemmaa

“Can I leave now?” Asked Hopper

“What? Oh, Umm… sure” I replied still angry and thinking about Kiki.

“Even better, leave and don’t come back!” I added, barely screaming.

Hopper after hearing what I just said looked at me with an angry look, got out of his chair and walked to the door, then he turned around.

“I wasn’t planing on coming back, your house looks creepy, especially with you inside” He spoke, grinning and trying to hold his laugh.

Hopper shut the door behind him and I was left alone, once again. The kids weren’t out of bed so the town was quiet, very quiet. I wanted to go outside and run to knock on Kiki’s door too see if she had come back, like I did for a month after she left, that was why the neighbor that moved in to Kiki’s old house hated me. I kept remembering moments Kiki had spent with me but my thoughts were interrupted by anger, once again. How could she have done this to me? Why didn’t she come back?

I heard the sound of Margie’s voice continued by the voices of two kids, I looked out the window, neighbors were finally starting to wake up! But it was early, something else was going on.

There was a “cling, cling” to be heard in the sky and I saw kids looking up at the sky yelling other kids to come join. I grabbed my jacket as fast as I could put it on and rushed outside, then a kid looked at me and pointed to the sky and when I looked up I saw a red and gigantic sleight running threw the sky, with reindeer  guiding it threw its flight.

“Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen! Now, Rudolph, park the sleight down!” Said a loud man voice.

Kids and adults all around town came to see Santa Claus, the reindeer and the sleight flying in the air. After the landing of Santa’s sleight all the kids ran towards him, asking questions, saying how good they’ve been this year… But to my surprise not only Santa Claus came down of the sleight, Kiki did too!!!

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!!” Shouted Santa, even louder than the first shout.

“I see you already have seen your Christmas present, Jemma.” He said

I smiled so hard I felt my lips grow larger. Kiki was already off the sleight and running towards me, all the sadness, and angry feelings vanished as we hugged and said stuff like “I missed you so much!” and “We will never be apart again”

Short after Santa gave the presents to everyone and the reindeer had recovered energy by eating and drinking, Santa got on to his sleight and flied away.

“Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen! Now, Rudolph guide us to the next town!” Santa said with a smile on his face.

“Merry Christmas, Santa!” Almost the hole town shouted as Santa flied up into the sky.

After Santa had vanished into the clouds of the sky, all of us went on to the town hall, where there was a party that lasted all nigh! I could hear shouts of joy and voices singing while I partied at the town hall, but Kiki and I weren’t about to break the tradition! We head towards my house being followed by the kids and partied along with the best Christmas I ever had!

The End

Now I would like to share a website I found that has a lot of Christmas spirit with it! 😀 Here’s the link to it…


 Merry Christmas!


Chapter 2: Holidays at my town

Read part 1 here: https://acwwbook.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/chapter-1-holidays-at-my-town/

Holidays at my town. By Jemmaa

The next day, Christmas day, I was woken up by someone knocking on my door. I looked at the clock, and saw it was barely 5:30 am, that made me even more tired and made me wanna go back to bed and just ignore the knocking on my front door.

“Ehem, maim, I have got mail for you” Spoke a voice.

“I’ll be down in a minute!” I shouted in reply.

I was to tired to even throw on the light switch or to even shout again to tell the person at my door to go away and leave the mail beside my doormat. But I decided to go downstairs to open the door when I heard another shout.

“Maim, I’ve got work to do so if you would please come down and open the door.” The man said with a firm voice.

You could notice by his tone that he was getting angry, and he really just wanted to go away, almost as much as I wanted him to leave. Finally removed slowly the blanket I had on top of me, put my slippers on and started walking down the stairs. When I got to my living room I moved slowly towards the door, turned the door lock and opened the door, it was my neighbor Hopper, for some reason Pete, the mail deliverer, always gave to Hopper my mail letters, and Hopper would always read them, and wake up super early the next day to give them to me, he would always laugh at the letters my mom sent to me and would go away hopping around back to his house screaming “Jemma is a baby, and she doesn’t have muscles!”, but today he didn’t laugh at the letter, nor did he run away hopping and shouting. This time I thought he actually had a tear in his eye, he just gave the letter to me.

“I’m sorry I read your letter, Jemma, I will try not to repeat that in the future” He said, looking at the ground.

“Fine… Do you want some coffee?” I spoke immediately regretting what I just said.

“Yes” He said nodding his head.

So Hopper came in and started to do his own coffee, while I read the letter.

Dear Jemma,

It’s Kiki, I really miss you a hole lot and hope you had a Merry Christmas, I would understand if you’re mad at me  for moving away or for not contacting with you these two years, so I also want to say that I’m sorry, and I hope this year’s present cheers you up a bit.

Margie sent a letter to me saying that this Christmas you had fun playing with the little kids, the same ones that used to come to our house on Christmas, right? I’m glad you had fun playing with them and that they cheered you up.

I can’t lie to you, it may sound crazy but you where the one that believed me whenever something crazy happened in my life so here it goes: Santa has sent me on a special mission this Christmas.

A tear drop came down my face and a curious feeling came to my thoughts. “What did Kiki mean, on a special mission?” “Why did she send a letter now, after two years?” “Did Santa Claus really send her on a special mission?” “Why her?” “Why did she tell this to me?”

But suddenly anger occupied my thoughts. “Did she keep in touch with Margie and not her best friend?” “Was I still her best friend?” “Where we ever best friends?”


Chapter 1: Holidays at my town

Holidays at my town. By Jemmaa

It was Christmas Eve, and I was sitting on the couch at the left of my room, looking firmly at the fireplace I had in front of me. I could hear the shouts of joy that came from the town hall plaza, and the continuous “chin, ching” of the glasses full of wine and champagne, followed by voices shouting and singing “Happy Holidays!”, “Merry Christmas!” and “Let’s make a toast again”.

You may ask yourself why I wasn’t out there, celebrating, singing and making toast after toast with the adults, you see, the only reason I celebrated Christmas was because I had someone with who I could celebrate it, at least until last year I had.

Kiki was my best friend and she used to come to my house each year and bring plates full of chocolate and classic nougat. She would eat the classic, I would eat the chocolate one. I prepared my living room full of Festive Trees, bright lights and we created the greatest Christmas party in town, then the adults celebrating in the town hall would hear our cheers and laughter too! Kids would come in and eat sweets and classic Christmas meals we would both prepare, but last year she moved away the day before Chirstmas Eve, and we weren’t able to celebrate Christmas together. So I spent Christmas alone, with my fireplace on, like I am celebrating this year. But this year was meant to be different…

I continued rubbing my hands next to the fireplace, when someone knocked on my door. I got out of my chair and walked slowly towards the door, and the door just enough to slip my head threw it to see who it was.

“Merry Christmas Jemma!” Said a little girl wearing a red and green dress.

“Do you want to come play with us?” Said a boy wearing a scarf so thick I could barely see his green shirt under it.

I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked, no one had ever walked up to my door to say “Merry Christmas” to me before, since Kiki left. But I think I didn’t have to say anything, the smile that automatically was drawn on my face when I heard those words was enough for the two kids to grab my hands and bring me outside while a third kid sneaked inside my house to grab my jacket and gloves and brought them outside as all the kids that where with there parents came shouting.

“It’s Jemma! She’s here, and she wants to play with us!” Said one.

“Is it true? Jemma came to play?” Shouted the ones who heard the first shout.

“Merry Christmas, Jemma!” They started to say as they arrived towards me.

Finally I managed to say something despite of the cold and shock of this evening.

“Merry Christmas everyone!”


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2 by Jemma

Click here to read part 1

The Turnip Trade, Chapter 2

Wendell: So… so… hungry, must eat something!!!

Kiya: Oh! Umm… Hello! Do you happen to like red turnips? It’s the only thing I have!

Rosie: Ehem! Kiya the Red turnip is for the golden axe!

Kiya: Just let it go! Gracie has got the golden axe! *gives the turnip to Wendell*

Wendell: Woot thanks! And to show my gratitude to you I will give you… the Turban!!!

Kiya: Wait! You didn’t eat it?!?

Wendell: Of course not! I sell it for bells!

Kiya: But aren’t you hungry?

Wendell: I buy food for bells!

Kiya: But you can get fruit from the trees!

Wendell: But me want cooked food!

Kiya: But Nook doesn’t even cook!

Wendell: Timmy and Tommy do! In exchange for a red turnip!

Kiya: But you-

Wendell: Do you mind? It’s MY life!

Kiya: Sure…

Wendell: So, what do you think of my presie?

Kiya: Oh! Yeah! What is it?

Wendell: *shock* You no know what it is? It protects you from the hard sun in the desert! Look I have a drawing of it! *shows the drawing*

Kiya: Oh! I get it! Thank you so much!!! It’s gonna be real useful!

*Wendell leaves*

Kiya: Rosie do you want a Turban?

Rosie: Hmm… No, is it that thingy for the desert?

Kiya: Seems like, what can I do with it?

Both: Wait! Desert!!! Sahara!!!

Rosie: But how’s that gonna help us get the golden axe?

Kiya: Hmm… I don’t know! Maybe she’ll give you an item that someone wants in exchange for the golden axe?

Rosie: Yeah, Maybe.

Kiya: Wait! Follow me! *they enter Nook’s*

Rosie: Why are we here?

Kiya: To order Sahara’s carpet! So Nook has to order Sahara to come to AquaTown! And we’ll give the turban to Sahara!

Rosie: Oh! Goodies!

Rosie: See? This is why we are a team! I am cute and beautiful and don’t wear clothes from the garbage and you think!

Kiya: OK! And, hey! I only wore that dress form the garbage ‘cause it was nice! (and had a tomato sauce stain on it) but, still, it was very nice!

Rosie: Really? How about the horse dress?

Kiya: Oh… yeah… well do you want me to order the carpet or not?

Rosie: Sure! I’ll wait outside!


Rosie: So? Any luck?

Kiya: Yup! Sahara’s coming tomorrow morning!!!

Rosie: Great! That’s awesome!

Kiya: I know! Now we just have to wait!

Rosie: Well then, see you tomorrow!

Kiya: Good night!


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1 by Jemma

The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1

Rosie: Hey Kiya! It’s been a long time since I saw you walking around Bellwood! Where were you?

Kiya: Oh! Rosie don’t you remember? I won a best portrait of “The Mona Lisa” contest and I went to Africa to receive the prize!

Rosie: Oh my! I thought you went there next month! Well anyway, what was the prize? Come on! Tell me!

Kiya: *sight* it was only a red turnip, oh and a check of 1,489 bells, that barely paid for my week in a 1 star hotel

Rosie: Wow! Africa is not cheap!  Wait, did you say a red turnip?

Kiya: Yes, a red turnip

Rosie: OMG!!!  A red turnip? Give it to Wendell! And then he will give you something, that you have to give to someone and that someone will give to you something that you have to give to another someone and you will get a Golden Axe!!

Kiya: Wait! What???

Rosie: I don’t know didn’t you hear me???

Mysterious Woman: I DO know what to do!

Both: Gracie? Really? Tell us!!!

Gracie: For 5,000 bells I will tell you!

Kiya: No way Fashion-Freaky-Lady!

Gracie: Excus-

Rosie: She means, of course!!! *grabs Kiya’s wallet* Here you are Gracie!

Kiya: What? Give that-

Gracie: Thank you, Fashionista! Now, here’s what I know: I also have a Red Turnip, and you have one too! Give it to Wendell if you want, but Pascal only has ONE Golden Axe! And I will get it!!! Hahaha!

Both: Only one?! Wait what?

Gracie: Ciao! Fashion-not-istas! *Leaves with her car*

Kiya: She ripped us off!!! That Fashionista Freaky Old Lady just ripped us off! I thought I was going to get ripped off by Bill Gates but not by a No-bran Fashion Freak!!!

Rosie: Ohh! It’s war alright! Against my Fashion Heroin but it’s still war!!!

Kiya:  … Alright ?


~ Jemma



Grey= Instructions. Automatic= The story.

Animal Crossing Wild World (Based on which game?), By Ariadna (me) (Your name or the name of the witter if it wasn’t you) , A dialog comedy AC Story. (And the type of story) <This is what you have to put before each story.

CHAPTER  1: PHYLLIS’ CRIME <The number of chapter and name

Timmy:  Uncle Tom! <The story

Tommy & Timmy (T&T): We’re bored!

Tom Nook (TN): Well this is a shop, not a game… You’re working!

Tommy: But-

TN: No buts!

Harriet: They’re just bored ‘cuz no one comes in at lunch time!

TN: Oh alright! Go plant these flowers outside.

Harriet: TOM!

TN: Fine, fine, go play outside but don’t cross the river!

T&T: Great! Thanks!

(T&T are playing outside)

Timmy: Shhh Look!

Phyllis: I’m tired of taking out garbage! Ughhh I’m gonna go to The Roost

Tommy: Let’s follow her!

Timmy: OK but The Roost is on the other side of the river.

Tommy: Relax! Follow me!

At The Roost-

Brewster: Good afternoon, coffee? 200 bells please.

-She gives the money to him-

Brewster: …Thanks

Phyllis: Just hurry up! … And don’t waste time checking the money!

Brewster: …Sure

Timmy: Fake money!

Tommy: How do you know?

Timmy: …Nook’s lesson!

Tommy: What do we do? Call Cooper? Brewster? The town hall?

Timmy: But then Nook will know we were here!

Tommy: Jmmm…



-Sable enters The Roost-

Sable: Good afternoon Brewster! Nice to see you Phyllis

Brewster: Good after-

Phyllis: Just shut it and make that coffee!

Sable: Some one’s in a bad mood… As always.

Phyllis: Did you say something?

Sable: No, nothing.

-Brewster smiles-

-At The Town Hall-

T&T: Phyllis is a thief!

Pelly: (Laughs) you’re such jokers!

Timmy: But…

Tommy: It’s true!

Pelly: Please guys I gotta work!

T&T: But-

-A guardian comes and pushes them to the door-

Pelly: Tell Nook and Harriet I said hi!


T&T: Now what?

Tommy: Let’s go back to Uncle Nook and tell him.

-At Nookingtoons-

T&T: Phyllis is a thief!

Harriet and Nook: Hahaha! Such jokers they are!

T&T: But-

Nook: Come on play time’s over go back to work.

-Back at The Roost-

Phyllis: Would you shut up Sable?

Sable: (Ignoring Phyllis ) And then my sister put the gloves on her ears!

Brewster: (both laugh) Such childhood you have Sable!

Phyllis: (Spills coffee on Sable) Ups! I’m so not sorry!

Sable: How could you! I spent all say sawing this dress!

-Phyllis leaves The Roost-

-Sable runs after her-


-At the Able Sisters-

Sable: Ughh I hate Phyllis!

Mable: Hello to you too Sis!

Sable: Look at my dress!

Mable: Oh well, we have one that looks like that one in storage…

Sable: Yeah, Thanks Sis.

Mable: You’re welcome.

-At Nookingtoons-

Tommy: What to do, what to do…

Timmy: I know!

Tommy: What?

Timmy: Mable always use to believe us when we were in trouble and we blamed Nook, Right?

Tommy: Right… So we should tell her! Plus Sable was at the café and she saw Phyllis in a bad mood!

Timmy: Right then…

Tommy: Let’s go!

-At the first floor of Nookingtoons (where Tom is)-

Tom on the telephone: Yes, we will deliver your regal desk tomorrow, thank you for shopping with us.

Timmy: Hurry!

-They leave the shop-


-At the Able Sisters-

Mable: Welcome to the- Timmy? Tommy?

T&T: Hello Mable, hello Sable!

Timmy: Please believe us!

Sable: Umm, yes of course what is it?

Tommy: It’s Phyllis!

Mable: Yes, we know .

T&T: You do?

Sable: Yes of course, she owes me a dress.

Timmy: Well, no.

Mable: No?

Tommy: She’s a thief! She gave fake money to Brewster!

T&T: We saw it!

Able Sisters: (gasp) what the? Are you sure?

Timmy: Definitely!

Sable: But that can’t be!

Mable: Right!

Tommy: Come with us! We have to tell Brewster!

Mable: Well then let’s go!

-At the café-


T&T: Brewster!

Brewster: For the last time Timmy and Tommy, NO, you can NOT drink coffee!

Mable: Please check the latest 200 bells Phyllis gave you.

Brewster: What for? I have work to do Mable.

Sable: Please just do it

-Brewster checks the money-

T,T & Able sisters: Well?

Brewster: Well what? This seems fine.

Timmy: Really?

Brewster: No offense but I do have work to do.

Sable: Guys I can’t smell fake money and I run a shop too.

Tommy: But Timmy smelled it!

Mable: Wait, Timmy? Sable didn’t Nook tell us that Timmy seemed to confuse the smell of coffee and fake money?

Sable: Yes, he did Mable

Tommy: Yeah that’s right! You’re like our mom! Your nose isn’t very… good.

Timmy: Ups, my bad!

Brewster: As interesting as this is I do have orders I have to complete.

Sable: Our bad Brewster, we’re sorry!

Brewster: … Thanks’, come back after 9 o’clock to see K.K perform.

Mable: Come on guys you’re in big trouble!

T&T: Oh oh!


-Phyllis enters the café-

What’s all these people doing here?! Ugh I’ll just go to work without my daily coffee. Oh wait! You guys could just LEAVE!

Sable: Sure, come on guys time to take you to Tom Nook.

T&T: But-

Mable and Sable: (laugh) NO!

Phyllis: Go on, go on! My usual coffee.

Brewster: Don’t give me fake money!

Phyllis: …Sure

Brewster: (laughs) 200 bells.

-Gives him the money-

Phyllis: When does K.K play here again?

Brewster: Saturday

Phyllis: Right, just the days I don’t have time to come get my daily coffee

Brewster: …Right

Phyllis: What?

-Brewster laughs-

Phyllis: WHAT?

Brewster: I’ve had a funny day!

Phyllis: So? I don’t care!

-Brewster laughs even harder-

Phyllis: Ugh! This is worse than work!

-Leaves the café-

-At Nookingtoons-

Nook: You did what? Tomorrow no playing!

T&T: But-

-Harriet laughs-

Nook: Upstairs!  NOW

T&T: Yes, Uncle Tom.

Nook: What did I tell you? When I’m mad it’s Mr. Nook or Tom Nook.

T&T: Sure… Tom Nook.

Harriet laughs and returns to Shampoodle-

THE END <The end XD

An interesting day for Timmy and Tommy huh? Too bad they ended up grounded! =) <A last note if you want. Like a PS but in a story.

Each type of story is different but I expect you to know what each of them are… So I didn’t put any instruction notes about the dialog, but you can see that names and actions are in Black. Just make the story easy to read. See also the FAQ, in this same category XD