Wild World

Town Information

Name: usa   (I was seven years old)

Native fruit: cherry    Available fruits: pearpeachcherryorangeapple and coconut (all of them)    

House: Final expansion, mansion

Nook’s store: Nookingtoons

Timezone: CET

Museum: Not completed (almost)

Catalog: Not completed (almost)

Permanent residents:        Pate            Puddles


Town Maps 


acc-town-map <–Thank you Amy for making this!

 animalmap-usa2  <–Thank you Kammile for helping!

map-jemma-usa <–Thank you Teru, for making this!

My characters: (the ones I WiFi with)

Character Picture  Friend Code
Jemma  3224-6746-2071
Ariadna IMG_4323  2879-4627-6847


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