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Guide requests

  1. Katie and Kaitlin guide —Requested by Kammile Completed! 
  2. Jacob Ladder guide —Requested by Anonymous Completed! 
  3. Bell making guide —Requested by Sasha Completed!!

First part of Animal Crossing guides

Second part of Animal Crossing guides

How to… Step by Step


One thought on “Other

  1. OMG! Great guides and I kind of wanna request one… 😛 Well here it goes:
    Please, please, please could you make a guide of the best ways of making bells? Thank you! It’s not really a guide 😆 😳 But it’s just gonna be like a tip & trick thing and you can post it in your guide page (instead of making a new page) Well so thank you! You don’t have to hurry! I see I’m gonna be the 3rd one in the line. Good job with your actual guides and good luck with your new ones!
    PS: I am a Harry Potter fan 😳

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