Kiya is back!

New URL!!! don’t forget to visit it! It’s the new and improved acwwamerica! 

Yes! You read very right! Kiya’s back!!! Kiya, the owner of acwwamerica has decided to re-open her blog!!! Although the URL will be different, and I can’t say what it will be… URL of the new acwwamerica is coming soon, stay tuned to my blog for more news and the secret URL…

But this post’s not over! I have a special fan art for Kiya! Made by me!!! 😆 Well so here it is…

So… do you like it? I promise I will keep you tuned and tell you the new URL of acwwamerica as soon as possible!

Oh and thank you Kiya for taking notice of our claims and sad comments, and take some of your time to get a great acww blog back!


2 thoughts on “Kiya is back!

  1. Whoa! I’m glad you managed to get all that information! As if Kiya trusted you enough to be the one who could spread it out! like what i did with my *not-so-much* update on my blog! xD I’m glad Kiya’s Back! Yeah,if she tries to re-open again with the same URL, It is *NOT* allowed…

    Once you delete a blog, You can never retrieve it. nor use the URL again. 😦

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