Kiya is back!

New URL!!! http://kiyasjournal.wordpress.com/ don’t forget to visit it! It’s the new and improved acwwamerica! 

Yes! You read very right! Kiya’s back!!! Kiya, the owner of acwwamerica has decided to re-open her blog!!! Although the URL will be different, and I can’t say what it will be… URL of the new acwwamerica is coming soon, stay tuned to my blog for more news and the secret URL…

But this post’s not over! I have a special fan art for Kiya! Made by me!!! 😆 Well so here it is…

So… do you like it? I promise I will keep you tuned and tell you the new URL of acwwamerica as soon as possible!

Oh and thank you Kiya for taking notice of our claims and sad comments, and take some of your time to get a great acww blog back!


Thanks Ally!

Pre-Post: Remember Kammile’s blog? And my news about that it was closed temporarily? Well guess what? New URL! Kammile has a new URL for her blog! That also means less SPAM… and less visitors 😦 But she needs visitors and less SPAM! So, do you wanna help? Visit kamacjournal.wordpress.com and do not SPAM 😛Hello there!

Today I wanna dedicate this post to Ally, a fan of my blog that sent to me a very nice e-mail and I would like to post about it: She said a lot in her e-mail and gave me a wonderful present! But she was also curious, about certain stuff, so she asked me a few questions, and here the answers go!

  1. What’s your ACWW town like? Well I have a picture of my map in the FC Exchange, but that’s only one part of it 😛 The other part is a lot of green (mostly trees and a only few flowers 😳 ) I’m planning on adding a path to it of ground and grass 😀 So wish me luck!
  2. How many bells do you have? And any tips on getting money? I have about 2 millions of bells, and I would recommend to you trying to complete your museum, so you get in to catching bugs, fishing and digging and then you can sell all the bugs, fishes, fossils or gyroids that you already have! That’s how I make 3/4 of my bells, and the other tip is just to plant fruit trees and sell the fruit or any item on your ground 😉
  3. When I comment, I can’t get smileys to work! (I think there are certain smileys 4 wordpress, but I don’t know) You are right! There are certain wordpress smileys and here’s a guide on how to make them appear on your comment/post: http://en.support.wordpress.com/smilies/ Good luck!

Well so these where the questions that she asked! But wait! The post’s not over! ‘Cause we prepared a final act, the great fan art header, the Smiley piano!!! Be sure to click on the picture to see it bigger! 

 © Ally

I hope you enjoyed this post! And thank you Ally for the wonderful piano header! It will soon be added to my blog as a an official acwwbook header image 😉 !