Special Project

This is a special project organized by Kiya, in honor of Mayu’s acww blog, please re-post anywhere! In order to get to our goal, the return of Mayu:

If she’s still on the internet and this exact post storms the internet, she will have no choice but to go back to her blog.

If you don’t know who Mayu is, I think you should read every one of the hundreds of posts Mayu had put her life and heart into at myacwwdiary.wordpress.com and then come back and read this post.

As you all probably know, Mayu hasn’t posted on her blog since November 3rd, 2010.

You may or may not know that I chose this theme in honor of Mayu, who abandoned her blog almost a year ago, except, she didn’t come back, nor did she tell us that she was going to leave us all.

Years ago, she set up her MiniCity, Mitsukyo. The link is here. You can access it by clicking one of the icons on the right side widget column.

So, what I’d like to do in honor of the 1 year anniversary of ABANDONMENT on Mayu’s blog, by November 3rd, 2011, I’d like to see the population on her MiniCity go up to 3000, instead of the current 1172. Please help me on this… it means a lot to me and may mean a lot to you to.

Please, post this on facebook or twitter or whatever, post the link on your forum signature… post the link on your blog… post the link ANYWHERE! Mayu’s blog deserves this. If she’s still on the internet and this exact post storms the internet, she will have no choice but to go back to her blog.

Ways to help:

– Post this post EVERYWHERE Mayu has to hear from this.

– Use the Ocean Mist theme by Ed Merritt on your blog and tell everybody why.

– If you reset your town, name it Mitsukyo and WiFi with lots of people (so they know your town name and recognize it)

– If you have to make up a name for a new character, do NOT name her Mayu! Mayu is an original name and we do not want replacements of Mayu.

To reach 3,000 visits in her MiniCity and Mayu to come back to blogging we need your help! One single Copy + Paste this post into your post, twitter, facebook… can be seen by 1,000 persons, and if lucky, one of them could be Mayu! 😥



PS: Please also enjoy my MiniCity I just started: http://usabook.myminicity.com 


Thank you for visiting both cities! 

Please, also participate in our Weekly Poll about this Special Project:


8 thoughts on “Special Project

  1. Hii!! Shhh! hehe, We’re in camp (It’s already late and we’re not asleep! xD)g
    Incase your didn’t know, I brought my DSi with me (which was confiscated for the day >_>)
    and i’m using it for tonight! 😀 I’m posting this on twitter but i have to write the link on a paper and post it there xP GO KIYA! COME BACK MAYUU!!

  2. 😳 Is my last comment on moderation? I can’t see it… @_@ Whoaa,Did you let the comments .off? Why? xP i can’t see if i have any mistakes on my lasst comment… 😦

    • It’s gone under moderation ’cause lately you post a lot of private comments and now my wordpress account has memorized your comments as “do not approve” don’t worry! After I approve a few of your comments my account will memorize you as “do approve” 😆
      Was that too confusing? I don’t explain very well! 😳

    • Hello! Thanks for the comment, I do WiFi! I hope we can WiFi sometime and if you want to WiFi I would recommend ACC (Animal Crossing Comunity), register, it’s free! And there’s plenty of people who WiFi! 😉

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