Talking about the future

Important Updates: 

  1. Chapter 2 of the album is posted and is only for subscribers, subscribe to enter the page and read it! And an exclusive chapter called “Ariadna’s desk” is also coming soon!
  2. Nina, the new exchange student in usa, already has her own little profile in the exchange students page
  3. A new post is coming tomorrow in celebration of a very special day… you know, 4th of July… 😛

Howdy everyone! Sadly I don’t have time to create a post with pictures, long text, stories, exciting news (in other words; a fun post) so I will tell you simply what is coming soon in this blog.

Now it has been very long since I published something, mostly because I don’t have time and also because I have 4 draft posts that have to be continued and I don’t know which one to continue first.

Anyways, have said that I will tell you what’s coming soon, so you can at least imagine that you’re reading a fun post:

  1. New chapter of the Album, only for subscribers
  2. Two new stories or three, it depends if I get inspiration to continue the third one.
  3. A post with Animal Crossing Fan Art made by me and the long awaited official logo.
  4. A post all about the history of Animal Crossing, reviews about it… basically a research I did about it.
  5. New June exchange student coming to usa, she’s a little late -.-
  6. An update post on Ebatong

Number 1, 3, 4 and 6 are the discontinued posts I was telling you about. And number 2 and 5 are files in my computer.

I just wanted you to know that I am working hard on this blog, and I’m trying my best to get these ideas out if my head of closing it for some time, I just need a little more time to settle down. Once again, I am very sorry.

PS: For those who were asking there selves about this: the contest I announced here is planned for after summer. I will try to get rid of all these future posts I announced before and afterwords close my blog for 2-3 days and start the contest, which I think and hope it is fun for all of you!


6 thoughts on “Talking about the future

  1. These projects and updates sound amazing! I look forward to all of them, but in particular the new chapter for your album — I thought the previous ones were really cool. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!
      I love making chapters of the album, it’s very basic photoshop (the only thing I am capable of doing xD) but still it’s fun and it easilly turns out well.

  2. Oh, i see. The chapter 2 is password protected? 😆

    My email in this current account is just a “fake” and you can send me anything on my blog’s email : [for spammers, i don’t get easily tricked. so your spams are just a waste of your time] I hope things are cleared up. xDD I really wanna see Chapter 2! xD

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