Opening of the new page and category

AC:WW Exchange Students Page

Say hello to my empty down-left bed, where every month someone new will be moving in!

Chris has moved from my town, and what used to be his bed will be the “exchange student bed” so every month I will update the page “Exchange Students” with the information of a new student.

There will be a story that unites all students, that you’ll find out slowly when you read the characteristics of a few characters and, also, some students come with a story written by me.

Have any crazy or completely normal character you would like me to have? Request it, by saying a short description of how you want them to be, and if you want, the hair and face you would like them to have.

Warning: If I change something of your requested character, I’m really sorry, but I did it to fit him/her in with the story.

Check out usa’s first exchange student that has already been published in the “Exchange Students” page!!!

PS: I’ve never seen this on any blog, or have any sort of example to follow, this really just depends on the best I can do, so I’m really sorry if you spot some mistakes or don’t like how it’s turning out.

New category

Like I said before, some of the characters come with a story, so the story will be published in a category called “Student Stories”.  Please don’t expect a lot from this category, it’s very basic, and the posts in it will be pretty short stories (four paragraphs or so).


10 thoughts on “Opening of the new page and category

  1. Wow, this is really creative Jemma! I’ve never seen this concept of rotating characters before, let alone with a creative exchange students theme to go with it! I look forward to seeing all the different students and reading your stories, maybe I’ll try to come up with one sometime. 😀

  2. This sounds like a really nice idea! 😀
    I just saw Michael’s Story a while ago and i loved it, how interesting his past was (was it really from the past? xD) Good job!

    I might also want to create an exchange student, Do requesters provide their own character design by taking picture of their character or just describing how they look? 😛

    • Thank you so much!
      I’ve had failed love stories, like everyone has or will have, but it’s not really inspired in me, haha.

      You can take a picture, if you’d like, or just describe him/her, however you prefer.

      • Failed love stories? xD
        Poor Michael.. no more girlfriend. 😛

        Oh! Thank you. 😀 I’ll just describe since i still can’t find the right town yet.. T_T

        • Didn’t really said that well 😆 I hope you know what I mean.
          Who knows, maybe Michael gets back with Nina, or he finds someone new… truth is, I don’t even know 😛

          Okay then, good luck finding your perfect town!

  3. It seems to be a fun and creative projects, I look forward to more exchange students and their stories! 🙂

    Were you watching the Eurovision Song Contest? Sweden won! 😀 (I’m from Sweden)

    • Thank you so much, I’m very glad!

      I watched a bit of it, I liked Sweden’s song, “Euphooooria, nananana…” It deserved to win, congrats!

  4. Haha good post Jemma! Haha I watched Eurovision too,Sweden was good but my favourite song was Denmark! “Shoud’ve know better, now I miss you… like sahara miss the rain!!!! 😉 ”
    Congratulations Usaagi!! 😀

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