Rainy Days

Before you read this; I do mention a bad word, but I have limited myself to say only ones like “stupid” or “freaky”. Michael is mad in this kind of script, that’s why he says some, but please do not repeat these! 🙂

Rainy Days

Michael’s P.O.V (Point of View)

Clouds covered the sky, as sad as I was; I could hear drops bump against my window, like if they wanted to come in. I turned on the radio to see if it would cheer me up, but all that was playing were stupid breakup songs or people calling programs for love advice. I had enough, I was threw, I was mad with the world. I grabbed my telephone, though it twice and phoned Nina, but at the sound of her voice I regretted that decision and said nothing.

“Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?” she said with an innocent voice. That’s what she had, her voice, her bright blue eyes, her shiny blond hair; they all told you she was a nice girl, that she was caring. Maybe it’s just me, like I said before, I’m mad at the world. But for me she’s just a stupid liar. Has everything she wants, and hurts people just for fun. Yeah, that was her, but it’s still my fault for believing her, and for letting myself fall for her. I should’ve known better, if I had, I wouldn’t be hugging my pillow, in a corner of my room thinking about yesterday.

If only I had not left Nan, my best friend from like when I was a baby, just to spend more time with Nina… Oh how I hated her right now!

It’s not fair, he said so, he promised, he told me everything would be alright if I just did that one thing… Did he lie to me? Did he fool me? Was this all a joke? But he said so, he… he promised…


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