Laugh at me all you want, but I just caught my first ever, bee!! Yay!! After being stung multiple times, I think it was actually worth it. Oh the excitement running threw my veins!! 😀

Sorry for not posting much more, I really wasn’t planning on any post, but I taught I should at least update once a week if I want to continue this blog going.

So, this is me (not literally, but me in acww) with at least have a dozen bee stings, pretty happy, actually!

I tried catching a bee with a king tut mask, to feel extra protected about the 3rd or 4th time I was trying, and just then I fell on the ground and got up to be stung by the hole bee family; mama bee, papa bee, grandma bee, grandfather bee, son bee, baby bee… seriously how many bees sting you from shaking one tree?? 😛

Anyhow, thanks for reading!! When did you catch your first bee? I’m sure you have some funny stories to explain!


8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yay, congratulations! 😀 I have caught multiple bees in all my Wild World towns, but I wouldn’t say it’s skill or that I’m good at it… I press A as soon as I exit the inventory (which you of course have to open in order to equip your net) and sometimes it works, though most of the time it doesn’t and I get stung. Not consistent at all! :/

    • Thanks!! 😀 I agree with you, part of catching bees is clearly luck! After I caught one I started saying I should try and catch 10 in a row, never could xD

  2. Wehehe I didn’t catch anyone! 😀 loooollll
    Btw I really like the way you do the post! And I think you are returning to publishing posts! So keep working!!! I will be there! ❤ ^^ 😀

  3. 😀 Hey, how do you think I feel? Lol, I`ve had Animal Crossing Wild World for 2 Years, and I had always got stung.
    It kills me when I try to catch bees, and they always sting me once I pull the net out. O.O I hope you have an awesome Christmas this year. ^.^

    • Haha, it used to happen to me too!! One day I just said “NO MORE!” haha. YouTube tutorials were the ones that helped me the most, so I’d recommend watching a few if you want to try and catch one!! Good luck!

      Thank you so much! Happy Christmas to you to!

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