Possible layout of Lilycott + Help?

Hi there! Long time no talk, well let me very quickly explain: school is ending and I was studying for finals. Now back onto the post! So with the addition of the dream suite to my town (what? when? I’ve taken pictures that I’ll share in my next post along with a couple new additions to Lilycott!) I’ve been “dreaming” about a couple towns, and all of them looked so gorgeous! A couple of them were literally like a movie, it was paradise! It kind of made me realize, that I’ve never been quite “good” at playing Animal Crossing, I mean sure I love the game, but I don’t think I’ve been truly proud of the way my town looks. I’m not that great of an artist either, I like numbers, but give me a blank canvas and I’ll draw a smiley face :mrgreen: But my only goal here is to create something that I really like, a town that I’m really proud of, I don’t expect to have a super amazing town, but that won’t frustrate me either… I feel like I’m not making any sense. Anyway, I just want to decorate Lilycott to the best of my abilities, and have fun doing so! (Maybe get a perfect town along the way? Isabelle still says Lilycott needs more development…)

So I sort of planned out a future layout for my town, it’s not too elaborate and it’s missing a lot of stuff, such as where/which trees to plant on each section, flowers… But I think it’s generally all there, although I need your help! Be critical, I know I’m not great at this and that’s why I need advice; if you see anything that you do not like, would you mind telling me? It could be we just have different opinions, but stuff such as where to place a fountain (or where NOT to place it), how my paths should go, especially regarding villager houses, ideas and suggestions… just about any criticism I can get. Thank you so much!!! And I guess I should now show you the map:

zlCfzSArE8I0Q4meS5This is about an hour of work on Microsoft Paint, so I understand somethings could not be clear (click on the image to expand). You may have to hunt for a couple things, such as the possibly future caffé spot (right side of river, center of town) and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

Once again, thank you guys!! Any help will be much appreciated!


Happy August! -Giveaway

EDIT Giveaway is now closed, the winner is obviously, Amy!! Since she’s the only one who participated 😆 thank you to everyone for commenting below even though you couldn’t enter. And congratulations, Amy!! Would you mind telling me anytime you’re available so I can deliver your prizes? 🙂 xoxo


Hiiii there! So I’m sorry for not blogging sooner, but tomorrow I’m leaving for a cruise, yeah I just left for vacation recently, came back and now I’m leaving again!!

Crossing Wifi 032


But good news for you, giveaway!! You’ll be winning a throne, 99,999 bells and a random hybrid.

For WW only! Just leave a comment below saying your favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing and what’s your least favorite to do! 🙂 It’s simple heheh, I’m going to try and use random.org like Choco did in her giveaway.

Good luck!! Giveaway ends August 18th.


New features in my blog :)

Hello there!! I’m in a pretty darn good mood today 🙂

Anyhow new features in my blog, heheh. Just thought I’d mention them.

chapter open

Chapter two of my album is now open to everyone, I just though it was a bit ridiculous since I don’t have those many followers, but to those who are following my blog thank you so much! And sorry!

new widgets

New widgets!! The first one is called the milestone in wordpress: it’s basically a countdown to the next event in Wild World, thought that would be helpful, heheh. And the next one is called the monthly poll, well… pretty self explanatory, I ask you a question and you can vote! Each month the question will change, be sure to vote!!


I created a tumblr!!! I must say though, that tumblr is very new to me and I think it’s not as fun as wordpress, although I do like the way you can just reblog a picture and such. For now my tumblr is extremely simple and a little ugly ahahah.

new story

And last but not least (just thought I’d mention this) today I wrote the second part of my story “Perfection meets chaos” The tittle sounds quite dramatic, hahah but remember I’m only a 14 year old, and I live in Spain, so my stories aren’t that great… But I enjoy writing and I had this idea for a story and I think it’s turning out pretty good (remember: i’m 14, Spain). I think I’ll upload the first part tomorrow? Maybe I can write part 3 today as well, so that I’m well ahead and have enough time for everything.

Thank you for reading, see ya tomorrow??

Oh but wait! To all you Nintendo 3DS buyers, do you have the XL one? Is the average 3DS really tiny? And please be patient, because I’ll probably order the 3DS for Christmas, and there’s 6 months to go! But I have a way to at least be 90% sure I’ll get it.

Picture this: me, I’m in a store and I see the ACNL game, OMG!! Let’s buy it! So I purchase it, then I realize, “oh oh, this only works with the 3DS, well that just means I’ll have to buy a Nintendo 3DS!” Huh, what do you think? Hahahah, yeah, pretty lame, but I think it could end up working!

Bye, bye!!


Back blogging? + New Album chapter

Hey there everyone! Wow this feels weird… Anyway I visited my blog again a few days ago and looked at all the private posts I had, I then also looked through my computer folder “ACWWBOOK” and found a hole lot of half done projects/posts that just never got published.

Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? You know, where the souls can’t move on because they have some “unfinished business” well it’s kinda what’s happening to me, lol. I’ve finally started summer vacation and I thought it would be nice if I got a little back into blogging, although if I don’t get a 3DS with New Leaf these posts will be absolutely pointless… But I’m a 14 year old girl, and despite how everyone I’ve asked in real life kind of thinks it’s a complete waste of money or just ridiculous/childish, I think it’s fine that I still like Animal Crossing.

Blah, blah, blah stop talking, Jemma!! Fine, okay. I guess what I’m just trying to say is that I want to publish these projects once and for all because I spent quite some time on them, and they were incredibly fun, but I’m tired of them just laying around staring at me… it’s quite disturbing 😛

So less than a minute ago I published a new album chapter. Scroll your mouse over this blog’s page titled “Official Album!” and click “Special Chapter” to view it!! What do you think?

Thank you for never forgetting me despite me not blogging anymore. I love you WordPress Animal Crossing community!!



Laugh at me all you want, but I just caught my first ever, bee!! Yay!! After being stung multiple times, I think it was actually worth it. Oh the excitement running threw my veins!! 😀

Sorry for not posting much more, I really wasn’t planning on any post, but I taught I should at least update once a week if I want to continue this blog going.

So, this is me (not literally, but me in acww) with at least have a dozen bee stings, pretty happy, actually!

I tried catching a bee with a king tut mask, to feel extra protected about the 3rd or 4th time I was trying, and just then I fell on the ground and got up to be stung by the hole bee family; mama bee, papa bee, grandma bee, grandfather bee, son bee, baby bee… seriously how many bees sting you from shaking one tree?? 😛

Anyhow, thanks for reading!! When did you catch your first bee? I’m sure you have some funny stories to explain!