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Kammile’s Blog A great blog made by a great friend, Kammile. You just HAVE to visit it, now you may consider yourselft an Animal Crossing expert… after you visit this blog, you won’t 😉

Tess’s Blog A unique blog of Animal Crossing Wild World and City Folk, and… the owner is very kind 😀

Amy’s Blog Yay! I great blog full of fireworks! (you’ll understand me if you visit the blog 😛 ) Full of WiFi meetings and fun!

Kiya’s Blog ACWW America a blog FULL of info about the american version of wild world: glitches, tips, contests… Plus, she’s got a contest going on right now!

Teru’s Blog A many year but old not old blog XD She’s been playing and blogging for years, has an awsome blog and the name already says it’s a great blog! acwwhappiness Yay!

Liam’s Blog And last but NOT least… A blog I discovered just today 🙂 The owner’s also known as AnimalCrosser7 but his name is Liam 😀 It’s a City Folk blog and it’s just… Great!

And I believe that’s it… What? It’s not it? Have I forgotten yours? Do you want me to put your blog here? Of course I will! Just comment below, publicity for Free! XD


10 thoughts on “Daily News

  1. Thanks for advertising all these great AC blogs! You and Kammile are so nice to do these. 🙂
    I love your blog’s new look! I also changed to Twenty Ten, but I promise it was just a coincidence. 😛

  2. Thanks for advertising my blog! 😀 i’m not an expert much 😛 i think Mayu is the ACWW MASTER! anyway,These blogs are great! I felt happy after seeing this!

  3. Sorry my name is Website Admin. I had to change it so I didn’t have to make another account for my other blog.

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