Opps! My bad :(

Ohh why? why? why? I had sooo many pictures of animal crossing I made during vacations and guess what happened? Well…

So I was copying the photos on to my computer and eliminating them, when I finally finished… I went to the folder where I copied them to see all of them and I returned to the camera folder (at least I thought I did) I saw all the photos of animal crossing and I said to my self “I thought I eliminated these…” And I eliminated the photos, but guess what? I wasn’t in the camera’s folder 😦 I was in my photo folder!!! 😥 I’m sorry! Well good news is… There was one picture I copied on the wrong folder so, here it is:

A lonely red turnip for a lonely photo… Sorry again!


7 thoughts on “Opps! My bad :(

  1. Ooh,Your tanned 🙂 nice red turnips 😀 be careful of deleting photos,remember that Baabara pics of her scaring herself i was looking for it but it was IN the recycling bin… 😥
    if you still have them on your recycling bin,look for it and retrieve it back! 😉

  2. Would 12 PM your time on Sunday be a good time for you to wi-fi, Jemma? I’m thinking of hosting a party in my town, but want to make sure several people can come before I start making preparations.

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