Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna tell you about… my new theme!

I changed it cause, even though I loooved the other one, It somehow didn’t admit “subpages” One of the new things in my blog. Now this new theme has come with a green background, new header images and “subpages” mostly used for rules but coming soon they will be used for my guides page, pattern and much more!

I hope you agree with this little change I made, thank you!

PS: I also created with Paint 2 new header images (Dog Paws that say “ACWW” and ACWWBOOK logo) I hope you enjoy them!

PSS: New page coming today so keep visiting!



6 thoughts on “New…

  1. Glad you Changed themes! but sub pages… -______-
    it’s cool how you hover your mouse over those pages and see those filtering pages
    but isn’t cool to stay it hidden and ever since you got that page named “rules”
    i was wondering is it were a post πŸ˜† but it was actually a page! hidden! xD
    that feature was very cool! ^^ but having TOO much sub pages.. 😯 that’s what im afraid of.. πŸ˜†

    • Since there’s SO many secrets and guides about AC:WW,i even started to think
      that i should start one too,but flooding sub pages πŸ˜› not what im looking for
      so i decided not to do it πŸ˜›
      Flood..sub pages… do what ever you want! :mrgreen: πŸ˜†
      try to keep it on a minimum level….

    • Thank you Liam! (I believe Liam is your name for what I saw in your blog πŸ˜› ) I really love the idea of Animal Crossing in the City and I’ll be sure to take some time to look AND comment XD on your blog. It’s a ACWWBOOK promise πŸ˜›

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