Thank you all!


Before you read this post I would like to say something: RIP Amy Winehouse, a legend in the history of music. And also who died a few weeks ago. Thank you for such wonderful music, Amy.


Wow! Just came back from my tropical vacation on an island (great vacation btw 😛 ) and I saw soooo much comments on my dashboard (where you control your wordpress blog) and I’m just so happy and sad at the same time.

Happy: Yay! I always like comments and seeing so many of them makes me really, really happy!

Sad: 😦 So many people where nice to comment meanwhile I’m on vacation and I couldn’t respond… So sad 😥 So I decided to dedicate them a super comment on my blog:

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope you can visit more and comment more! It really means a lot to me seeing how my blog is growing, I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner! Happy summer all!

For those who asked for favors:

KAMMILE: I’ll try that pattern Kammile! Thing is I’m pretty busy these days (like you) but I’ll still try. Just got back from vacations! Happy summer!

SAKURA: Of course I’ll add you to my blogroll! Gonna do it right now! Happy summer!

EMMA:  Hola Emma! 😀 Blog sweet blog, got problems? No problem for Lyle! XD Sure I’ll help you with the blog! Thing is I already did help you! Hehe… Need more help? Buy insurance from Lyle! OK I’ll stop! Just send a mail to me or comment below! (That goes for anyone that needs help) Happy Summer and I hope I’ll be able to help!

For those who posted a SPAM comment:

I guess… Thank you for commenting? 😕 But do not SPAM please!


11 thoughts on “Thank you all!

  1. Welcome back, Jemma! 😀 I’m glad it was a great vacation!

    Would you like to enter ACWW America‘s contest on designing a picnic area? She wants more entries, and you have lots of wonderful picnic blanket patterns on your patterns page. You could even enter a picture you already have, like this one.

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