A broken DS Lite + Shopping for a 3DS!

Update 2: Just today I bough a beautiful black and red 3DS XL and the Animal Crossing New Leaf game, eep!! I’ll let you know how it all went tomorrow!!

The day has come, where after 7 years (half my life) my first ever Nintendo has broken, and as I am someone who tends to get a little (more like a lot) emotionally attached to things, this was quite sad news. So before I actually move on to the good news, I just wanted to say goodbye to a little machine that brought a hole lot of happiness to a little girl.

So long, DS Lite, you will be missed.



And so we move on to the good news, I will be getting a 3DS! Yaaay, after so much time of being unsure, the fact that I would no longer be able to even play any games of the ones I own (including Animal Crossing) unless I bought one, just made my decision very simple!

Which obviously means Animal Crossing New Leaf! Eeeep! I am truly happy, and once I am able to fully get out of bed (I’m sick) I will rush over with my parents to pick up both things.

But my sick mind has been tumbling over a question, what should I name my town? After a clear fail of naming my original Wild World town when I was 7 years old, usa. I decided I need a little bit of help, would you guys do that for me? So at the end of this post, you’ll have a poll to be able to vote for your favorite names, and even include a name of your own if you’d like 🙂 Here are the options I came up with…

Update: I changed a couple of the names due to the limit of space being 8 characters for a town name, thank you Amy for telling me! 🙂

Lilycott: A combination of two words referencing to one of my favorite book (and movie) series, Harry Potter. Lily Evans, Harry Potter’s mother, and this quote explains why I really liked her: Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.—Remus Lupin. And lastly, Shell, which refers to Shell Cottage, the place where Bill and Fleur lived, and most importantly, where Dobby was buried after his tragic death (why, Rowling, why??).

Soirose: Pink evening in french, one of my favorite times of the day, when the sky turns pink as the sun goes down, and I just though it sounded rather nice 😀

MintappleOne of my favorite nailpolish colors is Mint Candy Apple by Essie, and while I was thinking of names I spotted this nailpolish and though that Mintapple was a pretty name, mint being a beautiful mix between: green, a calm color; and blue, the color of the sea. And apple, which can also mean city, just like we mean when we say “The big apple”, referring to New York.   Mintapple is out!! 

So? Which name do you like the most? If you think my creativity is just awful and you’d prefer to make a name up yourself, you can also do that (no harsh feelings, haha)!

I really have absolutely no idea what to look for in my town layout, I guess I’d like an island and a pond next to my house, curvy river and I have no real preference over train station/town hall colors. Aaaand… speaking about layouts, like my blog’s new look? I really hope you do!

Well, I suppose that’s it, thank you for reading and I’ll see you later, alligators!


PS: Oh, wait one more thing! I am aware that the name of my blog is indeed acwwbook, however the fact of including AC:NL posts kind of contradicts its name, but I prefer to keep it as it is, since it’s not only a name anymore, it holds a lot of treasured memories inside 🙂


9 thoughts on “A broken DS Lite + Shopping for a 3DS!

  1. I’m sorry again about your DS! 😦 I know I was pretty sad when my DS Lite’s hinge broke, after playing AC:WW and other games on it for so many years. But at least mine’s still usable (just the hinge makes it awkward to use); I’m sorry that yours is unusuable now, that’s such a bummer!

    Ahhh but the good news is very exciting, I’m so happy for you!! I really look forward to getting to play together again in New Leaf, and seeing how your town evolves! 🙂

    All of those names are great, but I think my favorite is Soirose! It sounds pretty and unique, and the reason behind it is pretty as well — and fitting since the sunsets in New Leaf are pink (well, along with purple and blue) and gorgeous! It’s one of my favorite times of day in NL and I think you’ll like it too!
    Oh, and Lilyshell and Mintapple sadly won’t fit because the character limit is still 8. 😦 I really like your reasoning for Lilyshell, though, being a Harry Potter fan too ^_^ You could also give tribute to Lily Potter by naming one of your characters in the game Lily.

    I wouldn’t feel confident giving other town name alternatives since it’s such a personal choice, and depends on one’s tastes and desires for their town, but maybe this town name ideas page on my blog could stir up some possibilities!

    Ooh and adorable new theme btw, I love it! x3

    P.S. I saw you mentioned an island, so I just thought I’d mention that split rivers/islands aren’t available in AC:NL anymore. There are still many varieties of curvy river layouts though!

    • Thank you Amy!! Aww really, only 8? I guess I should have though of that before, hahah. But that is a great idea, a character of mine is going to be named Lily for sure!
      No split rivers?? Oh no!! Those were my favorite, well I’m sure I’ll still end up happy with the layout.
      I never noticed your Town Name Ideas page, I’m sure it’ll be very useful!! Thank you! And I’m also very glad you like the name Soirose and my new blog theme 🙂

  2. Oh wow, I was ready to commiserate with you about losing your DSlite (btw my condolences to you :P), but now that’s just awesome, I can’t wait to see you join in on all the fun! ^_^ And so soon, too! Lilycott is such a cute name, but I like Soirose too for being a thoughtful portmanteau from a language I like, and I don’t know which to vote for >_<
    I love the new blog layout! It’s nice and clean and the header and title font are cute ^^

    • Hahaha, thank you Teru! I actually bought the Nintendo today!! I’m so excited, right now I’m setting everything up and getting prepared to start with Animal Crossing, I bough the XL one since it just seemed a bit more convenient and so far so good!! 😀 I think I’m going to end up naming the town Lilycott, since it’s a tie in the poll and Soirose might be a strange name to anyone not familiar with French 😛
      Thank you, I’m glad you like the new layout!!

      • Awww sweet! Add me when you figure out how xD: Sidney 5069-4261-7466 :mrgreen:
        Yeah I agree, also it would suck if everybody pronounced it soy-rose -_- I like how Lilycott runs off the tongue too ^^
        Good luck, I hope you find a great town!

        • I haven’t played around much with setting up the WiFi in my game, but whenever I do I’ll be sure to add you and post my friendcode 😀
          Hahahah I know right? Maybe they’d ask me if I really liked soy milk or something…
          Thank you, Teru!

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