Next stop: Lilycott!

Update: My Friend Code is 0791-3219-7111. Thank you!!

Hey guys!! I’m finally joining the fun, read along if you want to see my first day in Lilycott, my New Leaf town…


Voila! My new Nintendo 3DS XL (red and black, like my old one hehe)


And after a pleasant chat with Rovert, (in 3D he is soooo cute!) we’re now arriving at the station.


I feel famous 😀

HNI_0006 HNI_0007 HNI_0008

Aaah, the tree ceremony, all the neighbors are clapping and joyful, I love this picture!


And so this is the layout of my town, I wasn’t too picky about it, I originally wanted a river that went across my town, but I found myself liking this layout much more, I plan on having a busier part of town, where the town hall is, the train station… and a more natural part of town, with lots of flowers and the town’s tree. I also like the fact that it has a nice waterfall by the beach, but I wish it had a little more ponds. You can also see where I decided to place my house, I wish it was a little closer to the beach, I thought I was getting too close while walking with Nook, so that’s why I stopped there.


I couldn’t get a nicer view of the waterfall, sorry.


And the tent you start out with, hahah

HNI_0035 HNI_0045

Isabelle is very helpful when you first start out, and hopefully she will continue to be! She even gave me a basket of cherries!! Oh, which reminds me, my town fruit are peaches, and I was okay with either peaches or cherries, so I’m very glad I now have both! 😀


A golden peach!! 😮 I think I’ll plant it and never shake the tree, since they die after a couple harvests.

HNI_0042 HNI_0037

Meeting neighbors! ^^

HNI_0036 HNI_0034 HNI_0030 HNI_0027HNI_0026 HNI_0023 HNI_0013 HNI_0014

And exploring the town!


I love these certain spots where you can just sit and relax. Makes you want to go “aaaah”

HNI_0019 HNI_0018

I definitely prefer the second house style, but the left one looks rather “beachy” and cute 😛

HNI_0033 HNI_0032 HNI_0020 HNI_0022 HNI_0017 HNI_0016 HNI_0071 HNI_0070 HNI_0069 HNI_0068 HNI_0038

Catching bugs and fishies to sell them >:D Actually, I ended up donating all of them and selling any “extra” ones I found, heheh. Oh and every single spot I dug up had a fossil in it, this definitely was not the case in Wild World!


And at this point I was a bit desperate for money, so I could…


It was only 10,000 bells!





I believe I can touch the sky!


Ouch, my back!




Move, you stupid tree!


Cha cha cha!

PS: Feel free to leave your Friend Codes in the comments below, so, when I figure out how, I’m able to add you guys in New Leaf. Little tips and tricks are also welcome, since I’m a newbie 😀 I’ll try and list my information once I figure it out in a post about Lilycott and also my page about New Leaf.


16 thoughts on “Next stop: Lilycott!

  1. Yay, congratulations on your new 3DS and New Leaf town, Jemma! 😀 I can’t believe this all happened so fast, since a couple days ago when we first chatted again after a while! It feels almost surreal that I’ll get to play with you in New Leaf sometime~ My 3DS FC is 3222-6062-4806, by the way!

    Lilycott looks lovely, and I like your name choice! I might’ve voted for Soirose, but at the time when I voted, Lilycott wasn’t an option (I prefer Lilycott over Lilyshell, to be honest!) It’s a really cute name, I like it a lot x3 One of your points about your map reminded me of my own town! My town has Re-Tail, the train station, and the town hall on one side of the river, and the town tree by itself on the other side of the river. Like you said, it sort of creates a busy side of town on one side of the river, and an “earthier” side of town on the other 🙂 Your neighbors look great too! Seeing these screenshots reminds me a lot of when I started my town last June, I did a lot of the same things ^^

    Hmmm…tips…not much is coming to mind right now, but I remember being confused by the gem rock at first, so I’ll say that every day there’s a non-permanent rock that pops up somewhere in town, and if you break it a gem will pop out. You can save the gems to use later to refurbish furniture with Cyrus (making shiny gem furniture), or to trade online, or just sell them to Reese. Also, if you talk to Isabelle and ask for advice about living there, she’ll give you some tasks to do (similar to Nook’s tasks in past games, sort of) and some tools. Oh, and even though perfect fruit trees die after shaking them 3-7 times, they can still be nice to have around town, and you can sell the fruit in other towns for lots of money! So it’s not a bad idea to have an orchard of them. I’ll let you know if I think of any more, haha, I’m bad at this xD

    • Yay!! Thank you, Amy! I know it was pretty fast, especially for my parents hahaha but I’m glad I got it this soon before I procrastinated too much 😛
      My FC is 0791-3219-7111 and I’ll add you right away!
      Really? I might still prefer Lilyshell but I am satisfied with Lilycott 🙂 Thank you, Amy! You’re very supportive!!
      Oh you can actually use the gems? Wow, thank you I was about to sell them hahah. Yeah, definitely planting that perfect fruit!!

  2. It’s so fun reading your adventures in Lilycott! I love the name too! 😀 Good luck with making your town into your dream town! It’ll be a lot more fun with the Public Work Projects! I can’t wait to wi-fi with you in the future… It’s really been a while and I’m so happy to have the ol’ acww crew back. haha. xP

    • Thank you Choco!!! 😀 I am actually still trying to get that 100% survey vote or something along that line, so no Public Work yet 😦
      I just figured out the FC thingy so I’ll publish it right now and try and add everyone I plan on doing WiFi with (which obviously includes you, whenever you get your 3DS heheh).
      Yaaaay hahahah I’m so happy to be part of the acww crew 😀

        • Aww thank you for the guide, I ended up getting 100% a few days ago but it sure was a little hard, especially because I kept donating to the museum and selling items without realizing it only gives you points the first time 😀
          Yaaaaay!! I hope your 3DS arrives soon, and we can finally play! (after soo long) you can check my page for my FC whenever you can add me 🙂

          • Yep! I bookmarked it, just in case.. hehe. 🙂

            Good luck with your town! Also, a little tip if you’re short on money! Dunno if you know about this yet but…Soon enough, the “island” will open up and during night about …idk 8 pm – 12 or 2 am-ish.. You’ll see a lot of beetles on palm trees.. Catch A LOOOT of that and return to your town to sell it! (Normally, I’d get around 200,000-300,000 bells! On rare occasions, when I get REALLY REALLY rare bugs..a.k.a. the golden beetle i think, I get around 400,000 – 500,000 bells…!) Perfect if you wanna pay off your public works projects. ^ ___ ^

            • Ohh my gooooood so much moneeeeeeeeey muahahahahhahahaahahaha. That made me really happy!! Tortimer came along and told me about his island, but the boat never really comes by… Maybe I have to wait some more?
              Thank you for the amazing tip!! ❤

  3. Congratulations on your new town! I’ll give you my FC as soon as my 3DS XL gets back from the repair shop-the R button is “sticky” from me played Bravely Default too much 😛 It should be back in about a week or so 🙂

  4. Woohoo, welcome to the fun!! >:D Congratulations on finding a lovely town, and aww you’ve got such cute starting neighbours ^_^ The waterfall with Dizzy’s house on top is a nice little spot. I actually think 2 is a good number of ponds to have. I’ve heard of people having more and just feeling like they took up too much space later on.

    My tips: (though I’m sure you’ve figured a lot of it out already)
    ❧Press L or R to run and hasten text. It’s SO much easier on the hands.
    ❧Talk to Sable; she’ll become your friend. Don’t talk to Phyllis; she’ll never become your friend.
    ❧After you’ve settled in and have Bells to spare, buy and catalogue new clothes/wearables often.
    ❧HAVE FUN!! xD

    • Thank you, Teru!! You make a lot of sense about the ponds, so I’m pretty happy with mine 😀
      Thank you for the tips!! I’ll remind myself to talk to Sable 😉

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