Here are the photos!!!

😆 We could say this post  was the “draft” of this WiFi meeting, 😆 But since WordPress decided to promote the draft of the WiFi meeting, I decided to keep it, you know, just memories 😆

Well so yesterday I met Amy and Kammile again, at Kammile’s town, but I also met someone new! Let’s hear a big round of applause for Nigra!!! Sorry I made so little photos about the meeting, but my camera battery was out and I had to do them with a BlackBerry -.-

This photo was taken when Twisk still wasn’t here, and Kammile showed us her combat field she prepared for us… are you thinking what I’m thinking??? NET FIGHT!!!

A few minutes later Twisk arrived! Yay! Like Amy, I hadn’t had a WiFi meeting with 4 people since her party either! I enjoyed it so much doing it again!

Some first, and last words of Twisk…

‘Cause WiFi crashed! That’s what happens when you WiFi with 4 people, there are a lot of crashes 😦

But the Party’s not over!!! Yay! Kammile re-opened her gates!!! 😀

Re-entering Kammile’s town, Starcity, please wait… 😆

When Kammile re-opened her gates I found time to add Nigra, as when you click “Register” in someones town it gives you the option to add anyone in that town without need of their FC, Town name, or even character name! 😛

-.- But I have to give the prizes of the contest again to Kammile and Amy… Stupid Ressetti that doesn’t save the game!

This time I was the last one entering Starcity, and I got lost finding the girls… 😥

😯 They found me! Oh oh, and they came with their nets…

Fight! BAM! BUM! Take that! HA! Ouch! Don’t you dare touch my Halo!

But we weren’t even in the right place! 😯 We had to go to the combat field… 😈 But wait! We’re not ready! Each one of us is…

  1. Amy, listening to her MP3
  2. Kammile, Looking at the sky
  3. Nigra, trying to touch a star
  4. And me, doing… Nothing?!

Now we’re ready! 😈 Haha! Hey! They’re going after me!

After the fight Nigra asked if there was any hiding places in Starcity, and there was the… Enchanted Apple tree forest… Muahaha!

-.- WiFi crashed… again!

And afterwords we visited Nigra’s town, it was wonderful! But I couldn’t take anymore photos! That’s why I recommend you, if you would like to see Nigra’s town and her house, please visit these posts:

I also heard that Nigra is gonna create an acww blog too!!! Yay! So I just took this pic of how wordpress lets you publish your posts. It’s very simple and I’m sure, if you use WordPress, you will get the hang of it very soon!
But anyway, here’s how a post would look before you publish it or while you’re editing it with WordPress:
I hope you do end up creating an Animal Crossing blog Nigra! And I wish you good luck with it!
And last thing is… I finished my gridded map! As I’m placing paths all over usa! So here’s how it looks:
Please ignore the houses 2 that have been “run over” the path, it means that they’re not there anymore or that the neighbor is planing to move. You could say that this is the “beta version” of the usa gridded map 😆
So that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will enjoy the part 3 of the story that I’m planing on posting today or tomorrow (or after tomorrow, or after that… whatever school decides -.-)
Important Update:
I am happy to announce that yesterday acwwbook had a lot of visits! Yay! And I want to thank everyone who visits and comments at acwwbook ’cause it means a lot to me! After a few days of 60 visits per day or so my blog visits raised to 140!!! That’s great!!! Thank you so much!
Look for yourself:
I feel so happy right now! Thank you all! 😀 😀

10 thoughts on “Here are the photos!!!

  1. hahaha, I love the commentary of this post, especially “Amy, listening to her MP3” 😆 And I just love this post in general, you did a good job taking pictures with your Blackberry and your path plan looks great!

    That was nice of you to give a little guide on how to do WordPress posts! It might be helpful for others too. 🙂 I use the HTML editor so mine looks like this:

    a giant wall of text 😛

    And wow, congratulations on all those visits! That’s way higher than any day on my blog. xD

    • Hehe, I’m glad you like my pictures, post guide and post 😆 I gotta say that both post guide and gridded map are thanks to you, Amy! Thank you for that wonderful Paint eraser image guide!!!
      And I’m sure someday your blog will get like 200 visits one day! 😛 Seriously, your blog is way cool and deserves all the visits an Animal Crossing blog could get!
      Cheers for Animal Crossing blogs! 😆

      • Thanks, that’s really nice of you to say! 😀
        Oh good, I’m glad my eraser guide was helpful; it would actually be easier if you could simply use the Paint fill-in tool to color the squares, but unfortunately that doesn’t work well since the map generator site doesn’t save images in a lossless format like .png or .gif.

  2. Good job taking pics with your black berry. 😉
    They really look like normal pics, :]

    lol, I got 162 views today but that’s a really good fan views of you blog!
    I’m starting to think these will be an awesome blog in the future!
    After i quit my blog i wanna tell everyone the blogs that i knew and always
    followed from the bottom of my heart and then my blog will be history. xD

    • Oh wow! 162 views?! That’s great Kammile! And thanks for the nice comment! I just got one thing to say:
      Don’t quit blogging Kammile! EVER! And your blog will become history 😉

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