WiFi meeting!

This post will be edited after the WiFi meeting, as I will place the pictures in this link.

OK! So we’ve been “planing” a WiFi meeting and ’cause I’m getting a bit confused I’m gonna post this with the basic information about the WiFi meeting, please correct me if I’m wrong!

Who’s going? Amy, Usagi, Kammile and me

Which town to go? It would be impossible to host it in my town, maybe Usagi, you would like to host? Or Kammile? I remember Amy’s town was under construction too… But I think Kammile’s hosting, ’cause of these comments:

Kammile: I’m looking for open gates, Are you gonna open or someone is?
My town is fixed now, It can now be seen, Would you rather go to my town? :)

Usagi: I would love to! :D

Friend Codes: In Animal Crossing only have to add the owner of the hosting town, and the hosting town has to add the visitors, but anyway, my FC is at my FC Exchange page. Thanks!

When? What time? Today, Saturday 22nd, time… unknown. I think I set up a time with Kammile at 10am my time but it’s already 11:30 am my time and I missed it! I’m so sorry Kammile! I slept in today! (Until 11am that’s a lot of sleeping! 😯 )

Looking for open gates… now!


24 thoughts on “WiFi meeting!

  1. This sounds fun, a four-person WiFi meeting! 😀 I haven’t had one of those since my party last August.
    Here’s Twisk’s FC, Usagi, if you want to add it: 2967-0580-6954

    Yeah, my town’s way under construction. 😛 I’m working on patterns for new paths and Kammile’s contest, and I’ve moved all my flowers to my dad’s town so I can plan new flower set-ups. 😮
    So I’ll just keep an eye on the comments here to see who’s hosting and what time the meeting will be, and hopefully I’ll show up too. 😀

  2. Yuk! This is like a chatroom Jemma! 😦 😆
    Te recomendaria que publicaras un post nuevo, que borraras algunos comentarios o simplemente que borraras el post! 😛

    • Well sorry you feel this way… 😦 But I think I’m gonna keep this post, as WordPress promoted it and there are a lot of comments in it! 😆
      See? For this kind of comment you get mad at me! 😥 Well, anyway I’ll post a new one tomorrow, actually 2! 😛 The meeting and the part 3 of the story 😆

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