After Amy’s party…

It was the fishing tourney, although I didn’t really pay much attention too it, I was too busy admiring the presents Amy gave to me, one of which I’ll never forget 🙂

This is supposed to be my seasonal room, you can see the autumn items but after Amy’s party it was filled with more items that I found on the treasure hunt at her party, and one that’s a present from her especially for me… Can you guess which one it is??

Correct! It’s Kiki’s photo! I was trying different places to put it and the one I liked best was in the salon, only bad thing is if I put it here, I don’t know where to put Puddle’s picture 😕

After re-decorating a bit my house I checked my town map to see if there was any new neighbor, and indeed there was! Isn’t she cute?

Aww, she’s also very nice! She acts like Kiki’s sister 😛

-.- Now she’s not that cute 😆

…I’m jealous!

Afterwords I decided to go fishing and try to beat Mitzy and I found Puddles walking around the beach.

Is this suppose to be an imitation of me ❓

Back to fishing…


Yeah… I kinda know that 🙂

None of the 4 fishes beat up to 41.0 inches. But I wasn’t tired of trying, just had a lot of stuff to do xD

Until the next post! I hope all of you had better luck with the fishing tourney 😉


Checking through Amy’s post of her birthday party I spotted this perfect picture of the 4 of us, I want all of you to check it out, just click on the link to see it:

You can perfectly see all of us and you can also see Jemma (me) with a little cute face popping a party popper! It also has perfect quality of image! 😀


4 thoughts on “After Amy’s party…

  1. Yay, another great photo post so soon ^_^ I’m glad you were able to find room for the presents, and I agree about that picture you linked to, your chara looks adorable and the quality is better with fewer gridlines than my close-ups usually have. I’m glad you like Mitzi, another cute normal personality cat. 🙂 That’s too bad about the fishing tourney, I think sometimes one of the villagers catches the largest possible sea bass and there’s not much you can do unless you have a tuna or shark or something. Oh, and that letter reminds me that one time I got bottle mail advertizing your blog! Maybe it was a fan of yours. 😛 I’ve also gotten a few advertizing ACC giveaways, haven’t gotten much ‘normal’ bottlemail. xP

    • Haha, the one advertising my blog was actually mine 😳 I never imagined you would get it, I sent a few out when I was starting with the blog, my work and low visits got me a little mad so I had this idea to advertise on the game itself 😆
      I’ve got bottle mail advertising ACC giveaways too, I guess everyone thinks it’s a good idea to advertise something from Animal Crossing in the game itself.
      I miss Kiki, but Mitzi looks nice and she’s really cute so I’m really glad I got her, thanks for all the presents! You’re always so nice, btw sorry for not asking you if I could link to that photo in my post, I hope you don’t mind.

      And returning to the bottle mail subject… I don’t think any message you get in those is normal 😛

  2. Hey jem, you still on, and guess what idea i got in my head today? Yep, im thinking about advertising my town, like, yanow, making a poster, powerpoint, leaflets, brochures…. anything! Anyway……could you help me, like gimmi a few design ideas perhaps?

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