Back to the crossing!

Hello everyone! Sorry for this inactive week, but I didn’t wanna post anything so that you would remember the contest! And that’s what I’m here to talk about, hair and the contest:

Contest: Anyone who would like to enter can see the information about it and prizes here remember to enter soon, the contest ends in 4 days! (from: 03/09/2011 to the 07/09/2011, dates are ordered by day/month/year) Leave the pictures in a comment with the link to it.

Hair: So I decided to give my characters a new look for the new month and here’s how they look 😉

Jemma’s Haircut

Ariadna's Haircut

Rina's Haircut

Usa's new resident XD

Chris's Haircut

And here are some other pics 😛


The few last ones are patterns that I will add to my pattern page and I’m happy to say that I’m back accepting pattern requests, all tough I continue busy 😉

  1. Ministry of magic pattern.
  2. Upgraded picnic pattern.
  3. Nature pattern (palette 16 and 12)
  4. Rain on ground pattern (palette 10 and 12)