Spring party preparations + Actual party!

Update: Woot, woot! 1000 comments already! Thank you so much guys! Lexie, you were the comment #999 and my response was  #1000!!! A thousand thanks to everyone! 😀

I took a few photos before the actual party, so I hope you enjoy them, and the photos I took of the party will be posted in two posts, a few in this post and the other half in the next post (coming either next week or tomorrow)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, and sorry if in some pics you see Jemma a bit blurry, her white hair + masquerade mask didn’t show up very well in the pictures.

…Who’s that?

Yay, it’s Saharah! -.- With her usual problems.

On my way! I used to ignore Saharah, until one day I helped her and discovered she rewarded me with an exclusive wallpaper/carpet! 😆 selfish me…

Pelly saying “Yipee!” 😮

Here we go again…

I shall hazard a guess?!?!

Already have a lunar surface, why not pick a music room wall?

-Random Picture-

Classic Filbert… Alfonso is really creeping me out 😯 it’s the 3rd picture I spot him.

Here I said Salty Snacks but I don’t really know if I’d be able to live without Sweet Treats 😛

Btw, 4th picture!!!

Yayy! Dr. Shrunk is here!



I love the thought emotion, it looks so cute on Jemma!

It was the flea market and I decided to go buy a few things at Mitzi’s house:


Afterwords I wanted to go to Static’s house but… (look at the pic above)


Apparently Jemma didn’t really understand the “wake me and regret it” part 😆

I was under some pressure when I wanted to surround the path of my town with flowers, I was buying each and everyone of them I could find and planting them around the path, I didn’t complete it, but I’m working on completing it soon.

I also decided to plant around new trees, both fruit and plane.

I wish he was talking to the baby tree, once you have Lyle offer you something even if you select the “No way!” option, you have to buy the insurance, if you have the money.

-Random Pic #2-

Party Pictures***

Just me, waiting for someone to come in 🙂

Yay, it’s Nigra aka Usagi!

Hope she likes the entrance 😛

Here I wasn’t actually asking her who will show her around, I was actually saying that I was Mrs Spring Queen, who will show her around town 😆 Just so it’s clear!

I led her to pick her costume and she dressed as an angel!

Spring Queen + Angel = How cute!

I showed her the game spots and afterwords we went to drink some coffee at The Roost.

😈 She fell asleep!

She’ll never find me! Muahahaha!

But, wait, it… what? It isn’t fair! 😆

Yay! Twisk aka Amy came to play! Oh, wait the screen already says that, sorry 😳

Showing the costume spot again, so Amy can change clothes. Now we’re…

Spring Queen + Angel + Red Ridding Hood (Hood included) = Super Spring force!

Up to the games!

Obstacle Course:

Pitfall Seed Race:

Here Amy and Usagi had to run as fast as they could to the finish line avoiding getting trapped by the dirt holes in level one, and in level two, avoid falling into pitfalls!

Special Game:

This game was pretty complicated and I feel like if I explain it, the only thing I’ll do is make it worst, so let’s just leave it as a mystery game that has to be improved 😆

After that we had a net fight but Amy and I got distracted catching butterflies 😛

I had to get some more money from my account to reward Amy and Usagi and…

I found out that I had over a million bells! 😯 I remember Ariadna giving Jemma 99,000 bells ’cause she’s my richest chara, and these have become a million!!! Not to brag, I just wanna show how easy it is to get bells in Animal Crossing, with a little patience…

That’s all for today! Part 2 is gonna be published soon and I hope you’ve enjoyed this part at the moment and you enjoy even more part 2!

I also wanna announce some future projects that include the official logo I’ve created for my blog 😀 So keep waiting for those too! They should come in a few weeks! 

Thanks for reading!



As some of you may know, in ACC you can also order objects, hybrids and tons of stuff for free! It’s great! Well so one of these giveaways is Hybrid Heaven, HH for short, it has tons of items and tons of promos to make sure you are happy! So I ordered a few items (OK you got me! I ordered a lot of items 😳 ) and Morgan was the deliverer 😛 She was very sweet and kind and here’s how it went:

Yay! Morgan’s here! I was so excited!

I gave her 2 items, one of the items was a song by K.K, don’t worry Kammile I have yours too!

She was so kind to me and very friendly! As you can already see in this message 😛

Hehe I was a bit annoying as I started following her to get pictures 😳 Sorry Morgan!

This is how my town gate looked after she left all the items, wow! Pretty town gate XD It has a green touch to it don’t you think? I wonder what it is?? 😛 Sorry I like to take scenes from a picture and add voice to them as if I was an artist :mrgreen:

Morgan & Me, Me & Morgan XP

I asked her if before she left I could take one last picture, she kindly said yes and even said she would visit my blog! (even tough I said smile, she smiled, but you can see me with my thinking face 😆 )

I didn’t want the WiFi to be over, I had lots of fun with Morgan and I hope to see her again when I claim some items on HH Bye Morgan!

PS: The guards look like they’re holding lights XD But it’s actually the lights of my house 😛 Sorry for the bad quality of pics!

A little art pic in black and white 😛 Ups I mean black, white & red XD You can see the shoes of Jemma and a cherry laying down over there in red color! Cool 😛

One last thing: My turnip price today is 162 bells!!! But I can’t WiFi as I’m going to a friends house to play Ds to Ds with her 😦 I hope tomorrow the turnip price is still up! 😛


Police fun in Starcity

Hello everyone! Yesterday I visited Starcity, Kammile’s town. We had lots and lots of fun 😈

Well hello there Kammile 😈

Of course you are!

BAM! Ouch! Haha! Take that! Ow my head!

The fight continues…

don’t you dare touch my ribbon! 👿

haha! You give up! Wait what? Is it raining? 😯

Ohh! My shoes! My dress! Revenge!!! 😈

Time to change! Haha there’s a mummy in town!

Style! Glamour!… 😎


It’s show time with my Gracie shirt!

See Kammile? I know how to act!

Wow and I see you know how to act too! 😆


She’s acting too good! The flowers are hurting my eyes!!! 💡 RUN!

Hmmm… Where to go…


Let’s see this map… ➡

Aha! her house! She’ll never find me here!

Oh oh she was already there! Uhh turnips!

Ahhh! Scorpion! Ahh! Hey did you eat my pet bee Jacob?

I knew it! now…

I’ll eat Dawn!

Oh oh the police is coming after me!

Technically, I eat her 😛

Yay! Police isn’t coming! oh oh! Kammile’s coming!

Yeah right Kammile, like I’m that stupid to believe that you will not whack me! Uuuh Cake!

It was a trap! She found me!

Well, she whacked me, I have stolen a coconut from her! 😈


😳 how did that get in there… :mrgreen:

But then she gave to me a Jacob Ladder! And I have stolen from her… I feel guilty 😥

Here I am with my Jacob Ladder on my head… So I returned the coconut to her.

Now we are friends, ’cause I said that I had an evil twin… And she believed it 😆

Here we are watching: “Tarantula VS Scorpion”


And now you’re watching: “Jemma VS Kammile”

And then… “Jemma and Kammile VS mosquito!”

The mosquito won…

So… I had to say goodbye before Kammile told anyone that we got beaten by a mosquito!

Bye bye Kammile! I had lots of fun!


Coco comes to visit!

Bonjour dear friends!

Today Coco came to my town and… my camera was fixed, so I was able to take some photos.

Here’s how it went:

Welcome Coco! Hmm such a sad welcome…

Soo... I decided to welcomed her with a big smile under my town's flag!!!

We had a nice picnic together, but then we where

soo full we had to go to the closest house to sit down.

Sadly Pate did not have any couches… Or chairs.

When we were feeling better we exchanged presents

and I got new flooring and a nice flower (the one I’m blowing on :D)

And this is what it looked like. (Cool ehh?)

Then I showed her my growing palm tree. (Isn’t he cute? :))

But then it was time to say goodbye 😦 …

Bye bye Coco! Come back another day! 😀