2 weeks

Not much to explain, just I will be completely innactive the following 2 weeks, it’s somekind of punishment for doing something I completely shouldn’t have done… >.<

Well, thank you for visiting my blog and if you see this post, I’m really sorry! Farewell… for two weeks! 😦

PS: I’m really sorry but this also means I won’t be able to comment nor visit any other blog 😥 I’m sorry Kammile, Amy, Emma, Jamie… for not being able to visit your blogs!


Trip coming up!

I will be away until Tuesday the 1st and will miss Halloween with my blog!!! 😥 But I have a very special post for when I come back… 😀     <–Came back early!

So this is a no-picture post, as I have to make this quick. But I will take this chance to apologize for this week I haven’t posted anything, and for still not posting part 3 of The Turnip Trade… So, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for this busy week I had and that I will try my best to post as much as I can.

So as I’m gonna be away from my blog, I leave my blog moderators on duty to regard my blog:

  • Kammile, chat and blog moderator.
  • Amy, hopefully soon a chat moderator and blog moderator.
  • Emma, she’s new at this… will you be able to Emma? 😛
Thank you!!!
But wait! I have something to announce! I have created a new Harry Potter blog, well technically, a Pottermore blog 😛 As Emma needs some Harry Potter blogs and hopefully someone needs Pottermore information, I created another blog 😀 Enjoy it! It already has it’s 3 first posts! 😆

So… here’s the link: https://pottermoreinator.wordpress.com/

As some of you may know, I had a Harry Potter blog but realized I had to close it for a reason, now I opened a new one in hope I don’t experience the same problem and that it isn’t as much work as it’s only of Pottermore.
No worries, my primary blog is still this one! 😉
Thank you all for visiting my minicity usabook! Thanks to all of you now I can increase the industry in minicity! And I also have my first building in usabook!!! Yay! Thank you!

Photos are back!

Hey there! I have great news! I found the photos I was talking about in my post “Opps! My bad! :(” Well so these are it! Get ready there’s tons of them to guide you threw my 2 week vacation.

There where so many photos that I just posted them in a gallery. Enjoy the photos and Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger!


Attention: There is a pattern picture in this gallery and will be posted in the pattern page in the future. Feel free to copy ONLY the pattern.


  1. PoliceTown Flag for Dragon4ever (requested by e-mail) Change to palette 7/16 when your finished.


PS: New biographies of my characters are in my “my acww characters” page, visit them if you’d like 😉







I’m back!… not for long

Hello my dear blog! Hello dear everybody! So did ya miss me? I’m guessing you didn’t 😦

It’s good to be back blogging again 🙂 well… actually I never stopped cause I’m here to tell you the new stuff I added to my blog:

  1. Two “DO NOT COPY” widgets as I experienced my first copy chaos with my blog.
  2. A private message widget so that you can send a comment without anyone, but me, seeing it.
  3. And a subscribe widget where if you click the button and/or add your e-mail Ressetti will send to you Animal Crossing news about this blog 🙂 (actually it’s gonna be wordpress :mrgreen: )
EDITED: I actually experienced the chaos with my other blog. Anyway so I added a DO NOT COPY widget on both of my blogs.
EDITED: Yesterday I said I’m gone during 2 months (don’t know where that came from :P) I’m actually gone only 2 weeks.
And that is all! Also some more news is that now I will start updating more the “guides” page!
And the saddest news is that… I only have today, tomorrow and after tomorrow to update my blog, after that I’m going to “La Playa!” “The Beach” in English 😛 in another beach house on an island! During 2 weeks. Now I know what your saying… what? That’s great! That’s not bad news summer is here! And you are right saying “summer is here” but just because of that reason… I will go on vacation and have NO INTERNET!!! I will have my Nintendo to update my town and I’ll have a notebook to write future posts and ideas for my blog.
Math time:
No Internet for 2 weeks = no blog or visiting blogs during 2 weeks.
No Internet for 2 weeks = no WiFi during 2 weeks 😦
Well the summer IS here and I hope you have a lovely vacation and enjoy your summer as much as I’m enjoying it right now.
This has been Ariadna as Jemma with “I’m back!… not for long” 😆 I just wanted to try the TV role 😆

Vacation time!

Hey there! As all of you know, it’s summer! And people travel, go on vacation… Including me! I have a very nice life in my Animal Crossing game but I also have one outside the game.

Well so this week I’m going on vacation to a house at the beach, I go there every year and it’s lots of fun! I’ll try to post comments and maybe update my blog if I have the time, but don’t expect much, as I want to enjoy my week off. But that’s not all, the 2weeks after that I’m going on another trip so I’ll only have about 2-3 days in between those weeks at home to blog.

All comments will try to be answered during this week, but if you have to say something important, or a question/post where I have to answer it, please e-mail to me at acwwbook@gmail.com

What I will be doing this week with my blog: I will bring a notepad and a pen to create stories for my AC Story category, try to respond comments in my blog and manage my blog e-mail account.

Well that’s all! Thank you everyone, have a nice summer! Happy summer vacations!

PS: If you still haven’t read my AC Story, Timmy and Tommy’s adventure, you can still read it going to my category “AC Stories” or check bellow this post. Thank you.


I’m baack!

Hello everyone! I’m back from my vacations and I missed sooo much my blog, I couldn’t stop my self from entering my blog the moment I came home.

Anyway my times are still a bit tight but at least I can enter my blog once a day =)

So good to see you again Jemma (on my ACWW game) I missed you!



Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m sorry about this but for a month or so I’ll have a pretty tight schedule. I can still post and I’ll try to post as much as I can just that for those who wanna wifi will have to wait a few weeks.

Free times: From Monday to Friday of the next week I’ll be occupied all day. Other weeks: I can do weekends and evenings of these other weeks EXCEPT THIS FOLLOWING ONE (27th of June to 1rst of July)

Sorry about that!