Album Trailer!

Problem solved!!! Here you have 2 types of trailers:

Image Trailer…


Pro’s        Cons
Clean design       Less quality
Only important scenes shown       More space needed

Video Trailer…

Pro’s        Cons
Less space needed       Youtube hosting
Better quality       More scenes shown

Well so there you have it! The video trailer and the image trailer! 😛 I hope you like both, and you’re looking forwards to the Album as much as I am! The video shows the exact same “important scenes” as the image trailer does but it has a bit more text to it, such as Publicity 😆 , an introduction, the credits…

And just in case you didn’t realize… I changed my background! It looks a bit like Kammile’s one (click on her name to see the background in her blog) but I had no intention to copy, Kammile, if you think this background looks too much as yours it would be my pleasure to change it, I’m really sorry if it looks to much like yours!

Thank you all for reading this!!!

PS: I believe this will be the last post about the Album I will do, except for another post about the acwwbook Album when it is released! Sorry for these “not interesting” posts 😕 I hope you still like my blog! 😛