New theme + Story!

New theme…

Today I changed my blog theme to “mystique” by digitalnature, it may be temporary but I like it much better than the other one I had! This theme was first in Kiya’s old blog, then Kammile and Jasmin both got it on there blogs, Jasmin just yesterday got rid of it and right now Kammile and I are using it for our blogs! So it has a bit of a “history” in Animal Crossing blogs 😆

The things I like the most are the “mystique widget” only available for the mystique theme and it shows all posts, comments, pages, tags… and all the stuff you can show with separate widgets but all in one! You will not see all of them as I have only chosen to show a few things 😉

And the other thing I also love is the “publicity” icons shown at the bottom right of my header image. As you probably realized the youtube icon has an incorrect link to it that says “coming soon” 😛 It’s not a bug or a broken link, I just don’t wanna show my youtube Chanel until I actually have a video on it 😆


If everything goes as planed the part 2 of “The Turnip Trade” story by Jemma (me XD) will be published! Mean while, if you still haven’t read the first part, you can read it here: https://acwwbook.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/the-turnip-trade/

By the way: Thank you for the 4 thumps up on my story! 😛