Well I have a contest that’s been going on for like a month and only Kammile participated, so I’ll give the contest 3 days, from the 25th of August to the 29th of August, countdown starting tomorrow and it’ll close the 29th at midnight (12pm) So if you want to participate here’s the information about it:

1st contest is coming up!

A festive town hall!
Get designing and prepare a town hall full of decorations!
Example: BBQ Town Hall
town Hall with 3 BBQ designs, me with a cooking robe, picnic sets with fish or meat, fruits… AND PRESTO! A PHOTO AND I SEND IT 

1 prize- 50,000 bells 3 random dresses
2 prize- 30,000 bells 3coconuts, 3 random fruit
3 prize- 10,000 bells 1coconut, 1random fruit
(when I say random it means the first I see, but with dresses I will try to pick by gender)


Prizes for people who don’t WiFi:

***A special header for your blog (for 2 blogs maximum )
**An AC Story where your character is the main character in the story
*Publicity of your blog at the post where I announce the winners


Good luck everyone!

Leave the link to the picture in a comment here or send it to acwwbook@gmail.com

Remember: Contest closes in 3 days, good luck all!