First day in Ebatong!

Update: I’m leaving from the 5th of April until the 8th, it’s a little vacation I personally take off from blogging, I think I won’t even enter my computer and instead try to focus on other stuff for these 3 days, like playing sports, writing (with actual paper and pen)… Hope you understand!


Haha, Ebatong is my new town… Don’t worry, I also have usa! It’s just now I have two acww game-cards! Yipee!

What do you think of the name? Pretty original right? I wasn’t searching for anything beautiful, I just wanted something creative and I typed in a bunch of letters, added the *vowels in the spots that were necessary, and… Voila! Destination: Ebatong! ūüėÄ

Aww, I sure hope I get Pate in my town!

Arr! I missed Kapp’n so much!

I wasn’t very strict picking my town, I just wanted an island and a few ponds (at least 2)


None of the first 5 or so towns had an island (talk about bad luck!) So when I saw one with an island and two ponds, even though the river is super straight I just sticked to it, besides, I really like the shape of the town!



Time to find Tom Nook… This is the part I hate of creating new characters/new towns…

Now I enter the house, and when I come out—



Sweet old Nook’s Cranny, I really am looking forward to experiencing all Nook’s shops again, it’s one of the things I really have missed in usa.

Now… I gotta get to work -.-‘




And, finally…



Now I can relax and explore my town

The houses aren’t bad at all, I really like them, they give me a worm feeling: the stone roof, white wall and wood color door…

And I’ve found my¬†favorite¬†place in town! I’ve always loved beaches that have water on all sides of them except for the left/right side. Sadly my main town, usa, doesn’t have one of them.

Now, after a long day of work, let’s go home and relax a bit!

… At least I have a cute face.