Hey everyone, I haven’t been posting lately, and it’s because wordpress wasn’t working very well, lately I didn’t really have time to do so and when I did have time I wasn’t in the mood to post.

I will publish Kammile’s party whenever I have time and I just wanted to say I’m really sorry for being absent for over 20 days, although I did comment and send e-mails, I just have not been posting anything.

I have been thinking about closing my blog 2 or 3 days to prepare it for a contest I have planned, you don’t even need the Animal Crossing game to participate and I will hide some special icons all around my blog, that’s basically all I can say for now. And my blog would be closed because I want to have all the icons hidden before I re-open it, I’ll post more info and concrete days of when my blog will be closed, open and about the contest.

For everyone who may jump to conclusions: I am not planning on closing my blog, I still have many things planned for this blog, that includes the contest I mentioned above and a new page that comes with a new category.

Please don’t think I will quit or start posting once every year until I say so, if I ever think of quitting I would tell you, but since I’m not telling you… Don’t worry and be happy! Oh, and I almost forgot: Happy very late Easter! Here’s a picture of Jemma dressed up as a bunny from my winter power point:

Random thingy:

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.

Blaise Pascal 

Lol, wordpress just showed me that quote.


2 weeks

Not much to explain, just I will be completely innactive the following 2 weeks, it’s somekind of punishment for doing something I completely shouldn’t have done… >.<

Well, thank you for visiting my blog and if you see this post, I’m really sorry! Farewell… for two weeks! 😦

PS: I’m really sorry but this also means I won’t be able to comment nor visit any other blog 😥 I’m sorry Kammile, Amy, Emma, Jamie… for not being able to visit your blogs!