Hey guys! No post this weekend either 😦 I can’t upload the pictures I took at Amy’s WiFi party to this post and I have no idea if it’s a problem with WordPress or my computer, my computer is working fine for what I have experimented (except with this little issue) and I’ve updated Adobe Flash Player, similar programs that have to do with pictures and even deleted them from my computer folders and uploaded them again from my camera. I just can’t seem to find the problem, unless wordpress is having issues but I think other blogs would complain too if it was wordpress.

I had this same problem last weekend but I didn’t think it was something to worry about, I just said to myself I’ll try again next weekend when I have more time, this weekend I tried and the problem wasn’t gone 😕

I’m confused right now and I feel really guilty and sorry, especially if it’s a problem from my computer as I will probably have caused this problem in the first place.

I’m trying everything that crosses my mind to get rid of the problem, but meanwhile I can just say that if on Tuesday I don’t can’t post Amy’s Birthday party’s pictures I’ll post the 5th and last chapter of “The Turnip Trade” story (also sorry for not posting that sooner)

I know you must be thinking, I wouldn’t have all these problems if I where more organized, thing is I can’t even find time to be organized… so once again: I’m really sorry!

XOXO, Jemma

PS: This is probably going to be a temporary post and will be deleted after the next post is published.