Happy New Year!

Today is the big day! The last day of 2011! Another year walks away with good experiences as well as bad ones, as we move on to 2012.

There are only a few hours left of 2011 so let’s get this party started! 😀

First of all I wanna thank Kammile, Amy, Kiya, Tery, Tess, Jasmin, Sakura and Emma for always being there for me and for commenting a lot on my blog! And this year I will try to work harder on posting every now and then, as well as improving my school grades.

And now for the second thing… I have a small present, look:

So it’s basically an Animal Crossing story with a special holiday going around it… Christmas. But I apologize ’cause I won’t release the story tonight, I’m still working on the 1st Chapter (the story is planed to have 2 or 3 chapters) but I’ll publish the story as soon as I finish the 1st part, now I can just leave you with the tittle that will be: Holidays at my town.

Well, Happy New Year everyone! And I hope I can publish Chapter 1 of Holidays at my town tomorrow or on the 2nd of January! I hope you all enjoyed your Chirstmas, had a great time with your friends and family and have a New Year full of laughs and cheers of joy! In a bit less than an hour 2012 is going to start in my country!!! 😀

Happy New Year!!! 😀 😉 😛 🙂 😆 😀

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Happy New Year everybody!!!


New theme + Story!

New theme…

Today I changed my blog theme to “mystique” by digitalnature, it may be temporary but I like it much better than the other one I had! This theme was first in Kiya’s old blog, then Kammile and Jasmin both got it on there blogs, Jasmin just yesterday got rid of it and right now Kammile and I are using it for our blogs! So it has a bit of a “history” in Animal Crossing blogs 😆

The things I like the most are the “mystique widget” only available for the mystique theme and it shows all posts, comments, pages, tags… and all the stuff you can show with separate widgets but all in one! You will not see all of them as I have only chosen to show a few things 😉

And the other thing I also love is the “publicity” icons shown at the bottom right of my header image. As you probably realized the youtube icon has an incorrect link to it that says “coming soon” 😛 It’s not a bug or a broken link, I just don’t wanna show my youtube Chanel until I actually have a video on it 😆


If everything goes as planed the part 2 of “The Turnip Trade” story by Jemma (me XD) will be published! Mean while, if you still haven’t read the first part, you can read it here: https://acwwbook.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/the-turnip-trade/

By the way: Thank you for the 4 thumps up on my story! 😛


I’m back!… not for long

Hello my dear blog! Hello dear everybody! So did ya miss me? I’m guessing you didn’t 😦

It’s good to be back blogging again 🙂 well… actually I never stopped cause I’m here to tell you the new stuff I added to my blog:

  1. Two “DO NOT COPY” widgets as I experienced my first copy chaos with my blog.
  2. A private message widget so that you can send a comment without anyone, but me, seeing it.
  3. And a subscribe widget where if you click the button and/or add your e-mail Ressetti will send to you Animal Crossing news about this blog 🙂 (actually it’s gonna be wordpress :mrgreen: )
EDITED: I actually experienced the chaos with my other blog. Anyway so I added a DO NOT COPY widget on both of my blogs.
EDITED: Yesterday I said I’m gone during 2 months (don’t know where that came from :P) I’m actually gone only 2 weeks.
And that is all! Also some more news is that now I will start updating more the “guides” page!
And the saddest news is that… I only have today, tomorrow and after tomorrow to update my blog, after that I’m going to “La Playa!” “The Beach” in English 😛 in another beach house on an island! During 2 weeks. Now I know what your saying… what? That’s great! That’s not bad news summer is here! And you are right saying “summer is here” but just because of that reason… I will go on vacation and have NO INTERNET!!! I will have my Nintendo to update my town and I’ll have a notebook to write future posts and ideas for my blog.
Math time:
No Internet for 2 weeks = no blog or visiting blogs during 2 weeks.
No Internet for 2 weeks = no WiFi during 2 weeks 😦
Well the summer IS here and I hope you have a lovely vacation and enjoy your summer as much as I’m enjoying it right now.
This has been Ariadna as Jemma with “I’m back!… not for long” 😆 I just wanted to try the TV role 😆

New category!

A new category is in my blog! “AC Stories”

It’s a category where I’ll post any story you send to me at acwwbook@gmail.com don’t worry, I’ll give you credit for it, just how I’m gonna do now:

This category was originally an idea from Mayu. But cause she doesn’t enter her blog any more I wanted to do it here so anyone who has a story can send it to me and I’ll post it here.

I’m creating a story myself… But I don’t know if it’s any good =) Well I’ll post it when I’m finished!

Wait! I’m forgetting something! A very important something! Did I mention there’s gonna be a monthly prize of 10,000 bells for the best story? I know what you’re asking: What? Only 10,000 bells? But I don’t use cheats and money is a bit hard to get so these bells will have to be used wisely! Let’s just say you’ll have to use them for souvenirs XD

Note: I will only give the prize if at least 3 stories have been sent to me.

Second Note: Move to the bottom of the page to see the “AC Stories” Category