Party- Temporary Post

Spring party is over! I had a marvelous time, thanks to Amy and Usagi for coming and later on, thank you Kammile for also coming! Two wifies in one day, yipee! I’ll post the photos on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, so keep checking in for the post!

Hey everyone! The spring party I was planning is on Sunday 10am my time, and for what I know only 2 are coming, Amy and Emma, anyone else wanna come?

Emma and Amy, please bring a net, a shovel, some pitfalls and lots of eager to have fun! 😀


I have prepared 2 races, a random game, hide and go seak, and a costume game. I have also prepared a special room in my house so after a long day I can serve you coffee with cow milk (sorry, no pigeon milk 😆 )

I’ll explain the game instructions in my town, and they’re pretty simple games so don’t worry about understanding them!


Yikes! I just couldn’t resist, you gotta look at this photo Kiya took of her character next to her town waterfall:

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