New Pages, Updates and more!

Hey there! Here it is! The page I’ve been planing for, “About My Game”! It includes information about my town, museum and Nook collection, biographies of my characters and my town registered in other sites!

Some of the information about this new page (with sub-pages) was already available to read in my blog but most of it is either updated, placed in a new page/sub-page or brand new!

I hope you really enjoy the page and if you don’t I’ll be sad 😦 , but I always have a plan B πŸ˜‰ … And it is my second Animal Crossing story!!! Dedicated to Kiya and to the inventors of the Turnip Trade πŸ˜›

I present to you…


And if you still don’t like the story I have a plan C… I created a MiniCity! If you want to help me increase popularity in USABOOK enter here:Β http://usabook.myminicity.com/Β Thank you!

PS To Emma: Please change your chat rules, the chat rules you have are violating the copyrights of my blog 😦 . Thank you Emma! πŸ˜‰ Thank you for changing your chat rules Emma!