Photoshoot: Random

Hello!!! So lately my current obsession is taking random pictures of interesting moments/weird things hahah, so I just though I would share a few of them.

By the time this is published I’ll be on vacation, I’m using wordpress’ automatic publisher thingy, that kind of explains the lack of posts lately, sorry!! When I get back; I’ll try to do at the very least 1 a week, but if possible 2 a week πŸ™‚ Thank you for understanding!!

3…2…1… START!!


Is this a glitch of some sort?? There are, no joke, 5 pond skaters in my tiny little pond…

Β IMG_4344

Awww Melba came to my town, she’s so cute!!


I’d say Envy is probably correct (I know, I’m trying to fix that heheh), choosiness as well but not frivolity xD

IMG_4394Β IMG_4415

So turns out I was cursed by Katrine (curse you Perry the platypus!!) But at least I got some good shots of me falling down!


Blather’s laughter


Waving hi to Pate!

IMG_4419Β IMG_4421

IMG_4422Β IMG_4424


Broke?! 😦


Back flip!!


Awww noo!! Poor Melba!


Rocco’s sexy ass πŸ˜† (sorry for bad word, I meant it in a joke)


And last, but not least I was finally able to catch a hammerhead shark!! They say they’re quite aggressive if they’re hungry, but people actually dive down into the ocean to see them. Talk about brave!!


Party- Temporary Post

Spring party is over! I had a marvelous time, thanks to Amy and Usagi for coming and later on, thank you Kammile for also coming! Two wifies in one day, yipee! I’ll post the photos on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, so keep checking in for the post!

Hey everyone! The spring party I was planning is on Sunday 10am my time, and for what I know only 2 are coming, Amy and Emma, anyone else wanna come?

Emma and Amy, please bring a net, a shovel, some pitfalls and lots of eager to have fun! πŸ˜€


I have prepared 2 races, a random game, hide and go seak, and a costume game. I have also prepared a special room in my house so after a long day I can serve you coffee with cow milk (sorry, no pigeon milk πŸ˜† )

I’ll explain the game instructions in my town, and they’re pretty simple games so don’t worry about understanding them!


Yikes! I just couldn’t resist, you gotta look at this photo Kiya took of her character next to her town waterfall:

(C) All rights reserved to Kiya


Police fun in Starcity

Hello everyone! Yesterday I visited Starcity, Kammile’s town. We had lots and lots of fun 😈

Well hello there Kammile 😈

Of course you are!

BAM! Ouch! Haha! Take that! Ow my head!

The fight continues…

don’t you dare touch my ribbon! πŸ‘Ώ

haha! You give up! Wait what? Is it raining? 😯

Ohh! My shoes! My dress! Revenge!!! 😈

Time to change! Haha there’s a mummy in town!

Style! Glamour!… 😎


It’s show time with my Gracie shirt!

See Kammile? I know how to act!

Wow and I see you know how to act too! πŸ˜†


She’s acting too good! The flowers are hurting my eyes!!! πŸ’‘ RUN!

Hmmm… Where to go…


Let’s see this map… ➑

Aha! her house! She’ll never find me here!

Oh oh she was already there! Uhh turnips!

Ahhh! Scorpion! Ahh! Hey did you eat my pet bee Jacob?

I knew it! now…

I’ll eat Dawn!

Oh oh the police is coming after me!

Technically, I eat her πŸ˜›

Yay! Police isn’t coming! oh oh! Kammile’s coming!

Yeah right Kammile, like I’m that stupid to believe that you will not whack me! Uuuh Cake!

It was a trap! She found me!

Well, she whacked me, I have stolen a coconut from her! 😈


😳 how did that get in there… :mrgreen:

But then she gave to me a Jacob Ladder! And I have stolen from her… I feel guilty πŸ˜₯

Here I amΒ withΒ my Jacob Ladder on my head… So I returned the coconut to her.

Now we are friends, ’cause I said that I had an evil twin… And she believed it πŸ˜†

Here we are watching: “Tarantula VS Scorpion”


And now you’re watching: “Jemma VS Kammile”

And then… “Jemma and Kammile VS mosquito!”

The mosquito won…

So… I had to say goodbye before Kammile told anyone that we got beaten by a mosquito!

Bye bye Kammile! I had lots of fun!