Police fun in Starcity

Hello everyone! Yesterday I visited Starcity, Kammile’s town. We had lots and lots of fun 😈

Well hello there Kammile 😈

Of course you are!

BAM! Ouch! Haha! Take that! Ow my head!

The fight continues…

don’t you dare touch my ribbon! πŸ‘Ώ

haha! You give up! Wait what? Is it raining? 😯

Ohh! My shoes! My dress! Revenge!!! 😈

Time to change! Haha there’s a mummy in town!

Style! Glamour!… 😎


It’s show time with my Gracie shirt!

See Kammile? I know how to act!

Wow and I see you know how to act too! πŸ˜†


She’s acting too good! The flowers are hurting my eyes!!! πŸ’‘ RUN!

Hmmm… Where to go…


Let’s see this map… ➑

Aha! her house! She’ll never find me here!

Oh oh she was already there! Uhh turnips!

Ahhh! Scorpion! Ahh! Hey did you eat my pet bee Jacob?

I knew it! now…

I’ll eat Dawn!

Oh oh the police is coming after me!

Technically, I eat her πŸ˜›

Yay! Police isn’t coming! oh oh! Kammile’s coming!

Yeah right Kammile, like I’m that stupid to believe that you will not whack me! Uuuh Cake!

It was a trap! She found me!

Well, she whacked me, I have stolen a coconut from her! 😈


😳 how did that get in there… :mrgreen:

But then she gave to me a Jacob Ladder! And I have stolen from her… I feel guilty πŸ˜₯

Here I amΒ withΒ my Jacob Ladder on my head… So I returned the coconut to her.

Now we are friends, ’cause I said that I had an evil twin… And she believed it πŸ˜†

Here we are watching: “Tarantula VS Scorpion”


And now you’re watching: “Jemma VS Kammile”

And then… “Jemma and Kammile VS mosquito!”

The mosquito won…

So… I had to say goodbye before Kammile told anyone that we got beaten by a mosquito!

Bye bye Kammile! I had lots of fun!