Happy New Year!

Today is the big day! The last day of 2011! Another year walks away with good experiences as well as bad ones, as we move on to 2012.

There are only a few hours left of 2011 so let’s get this party started! 😀

First of all I wanna thank Kammile, Amy, Kiya, Tery, Tess, Jasmin, Sakura and Emma for always being there for me and for commenting a lot on my blog! And this year I will try to work harder on posting every now and then, as well as improving my school grades.

And now for the second thing… I have a small present, look:

So it’s basically an Animal Crossing story with a special holiday going around it… Christmas. But I apologize ’cause I won’t release the story tonight, I’m still working on the 1st Chapter (the story is planed to have 2 or 3 chapters) but I’ll publish the story as soon as I finish the 1st part, now I can just leave you with the tittle that will be: Holidays at my town.

Well, Happy New Year everyone! And I hope I can publish Chapter 1 of Holidays at my town tomorrow or on the 2nd of January! I hope you all enjoyed your Chirstmas, had a great time with your friends and family and have a New Year full of laughs and cheers of joy! In a bit less than an hour 2012 is going to start in my country!!! 😀

Happy New Year!!! 😀 😉 😛 🙂 😆 😀

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Happy New Year everybody!!!


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Sadly in Wild World, Halloween is still not celebrated but I have something that will help everyone celebrate it… And I’ll tell you at the bottom of this post… or, will it disappear before you even read it??? 😆

You can see in this pic, what looks like an animal under a pumpkin mask, with a piece of candy in it’s hand, and a purple witch dress? He’s the “monster” of Halloween in City Folk, named Jack. As I don’t have City Folk I’m not really gonna say anything important here, but he is the Official Animal Crossing Halloween character! 😛

There is also another picture about Halloween in Animal Crossing that is unofficially made by Animal Crossing Comunity, here’s the picture:

This one says “Welcome” in big letters and in smaller letters it says “to AnimalCrossingComunity”. And we can see Wisp the ghost, a witch dressed character, a ninja dressed character and a mummy dressed character. We also see a grave yard (classic Halloween) and Jack! But there is one last thing we can see, something that can not be excluded in any Halloween picture, the full moon, eeeeek!

but I have something that will help everyone celebrate it… And I’ll tell you at the bottom of this post” And as this is the bottom of the post… I’ll tell your! 😆

To help you celebrate Halloween in Animal Crossing I have created 2 contests!!!

  1. Contest: Create a Halloween themed room!!! Get the spookiest furniture you have, dress your character and get started! Take a photo and link to it in a comment! 😀
  2. Contest: Create a Halloween montage like the wonderful one ACC did! (The picture above) It can include pictures of any type of Animal Crossing, as long as it includes pictures of Animal Crossing and Halloween!

Think you can do it??? Then get started!

Here are the prizes for both contests:

  • 1st prize -> 50,000 bells and mummy shirt with dressing.
  • 2nd prize -> 25,000 bells and a witch shirt.
  • 3rd prize -> 15,ooo bells.

Have a terrifyingly good Halloween!


And if you want to read about Halloween in GameCube visit this post: http://actownrecord.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/halloween-in-ordale/ Interesting information guaranteed! 

And if you would like to listen to the AC3DS Halloween Soundtrack click here Great music guaranteed!