Two weeks OVER!

Yay! I’m back blogging! And the moment I came back my first impression was… Wow! How many comments! And visits aren’t down! So… Thank you so much!!!

But don’t think I didn’t do anything these days… I finished the 1st part of the “official acwwbook album”!!! And I also got stuck on another game… Angry Birds! I got the chrome beta version so it’s free but I’m planning on buying the Angry Birds Seasons game 😆

And guess what? I finished the game! 😯

The image you can see at the left side of this post is a picture of my screen when the credits where passing on, and on, and on 😛

The 3 birds (there are more birds you can play with, but here you can only see 3 of them), letters that say “Angry Birds Chrome Beta v1.1.5.16” and the Rovio logo, Rovio is the company that created the Angry Birds game 😀

The birds are pretty beaten up by literary throwing themselves against the rock, brick or glass houses the pigs create to protect the eggs they steal from the Birds, and logically, the birds want the eggs back so… they attack! 😛

So, back to this post:

I want to thank every subscriber of acwwbook, every visitor and every commenter of this blog! And especially want to thank… everyone! 😛

The album is still coming soon as I want to find out a good way to keep it private (both video and pictures) but I’m also thinking, maybe just do the album for everyone? Please comment with what choice you prefer 🙂

And if you’re a fan of Harry Potter and blogs you may like the news that is coming up soon here! 😀

Thank you once again!


Album Trailer!

Problem solved!!! Here you have 2 types of trailers:

Image Trailer…


Pro’s        Cons
Clean design       Less quality
Only important scenes shown       More space needed

Video Trailer…

Pro’s        Cons
Less space needed       Youtube hosting
Better quality       More scenes shown

Well so there you have it! The video trailer and the image trailer! 😛 I hope you like both, and you’re looking forwards to the Album as much as I am! The video shows the exact same “important scenes” as the image trailer does but it has a bit more text to it, such as Publicity 😆 , an introduction, the credits…

And just in case you didn’t realize… I changed my background! It looks a bit like Kammile’s one (click on her name to see the background in her blog) but I had no intention to copy, Kammile, if you think this background looks too much as yours it would be my pleasure to change it, I’m really sorry if it looks to much like yours!

Thank you all for reading this!!!

PS: I believe this will be the last post about the Album I will do, except for another post about the acwwbook Album when it is released! Sorry for these “not interesting” posts 😕 I hope you still like my blog! 😛