The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3

Kiya: *Bangs on Rosie’s house door* Rosie! Rosie, wake up! Wake up!

Rosie: Shut up! Let me sleep!

Kiya: Wow… Never saw you like that!

Rosie: That’s ’cause you don’t wake me up that early!

Kiya: Early? Really? Rosie it’s 2pm!

Rosie: *Opens house door* OK well then, let’s go!

Kiya: How’d you get dressed-? Never mind! There’s Saharah.

Rosie: Um… hello? Excuse-

Saharah: Oh my! Is that? It is! Is that a turban? Do you need it? I need it! Desert needs it! Oh my!

Kiya: Well, sure… here, take it!

Saharah: Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rosie: Hey wait! Now what? We need something in return (some piece of clothing if possible)

Saharah: Oh! Yes! There you go… a massage chair! But if you want clothes…

Kiya: No! This is perfect! *Whispers to Rosie: Golden Axe, Gracie, item trading. Remember?*

Rosie: Oh, yeah, right! (at least I get a free massage!)

Kiya: So, Saharah, who would trade a massage chair for a golden axe?

Saharah: I’m not sure if he would give to you a golden axe, but Mr. Tortimer would probably give big things to have a massage for his poor back.

Kiya: That’s great! Thank you Saharah!

Saharah: Oh! Wait! A funky giraffe who I believed was named Gracie gave a little note for me to deliver to Kiya? So there you go little one!

Rosie: Hurry up! Open it! Let’s see what it says…

Dear Kiya,

I knew you would arrive this far! Not even I can deny that you’re very smart, but what you need it sharpness! Something only a true Fashionista has!

See you with someone I will not tell you! Muahaha!

PS: Even when you receive the Scallop, Pascal only gives real golden axe’s to Sharp people!