Chapter 1: Holidays at my town

Holidays at my town. By Jemmaa

It was Christmas Eve, and I was sitting on the couch at the left of my room, looking firmly at the fireplace I had in front of me. I could hear the shouts of joy that came from the town hall plaza, and the continuous “chin, ching” of the glasses full of wine and champagne, followed by voices shouting and singing “Happy Holidays!”, “Merry Christmas!” and “Let’s make a toast again”.

You may ask yourself why I wasn’t out there, celebrating, singing and making toast after toast with the adults, you see, the only reason I celebrated Christmas was because I had someone with who I could celebrate it, at least until last year I had.

Kiki was my best friend and she used to come to my house each year and bring plates full of chocolate and classic nougat. She would eat the classic, I would eat the chocolate one. I prepared my living room full of Festive Trees, bright lights and we created the greatest Christmas party in town, then the adults celebrating in the town hall would hear our cheers and laughter too! Kids would come in and eat sweets and classic Christmas meals we would both prepare, but last year she moved away the day before Chirstmas Eve, and we weren’t able to celebrate Christmas together. So I spent Christmas alone, with my fireplace on, like I am celebrating this year. But this year was meant to be different…

I continued rubbing my hands next to the fireplace, when someone knocked on my door. I got out of my chair and walked slowly towards the door, and the door just enough to slip my head threw it to see who it was.

“Merry Christmas Jemma!” Said a little girl wearing a red and green dress.

“Do you want to come play with us?” Said a boy wearing a scarf so thick I could barely see his green shirt under it.

I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked, no one had ever walked up to my door to say “Merry Christmas” to me before, since Kiki left. But I think I didn’t have to say anything, the smile that automatically was drawn on my face when I heard those words was enough for the two kids to grab my hands and bring me outside while a third kid sneaked inside my house to grab my jacket and gloves and brought them outside as all the kids that where with there parents came shouting.

“It’s Jemma! She’s here, and she wants to play with us!” Said one.

“Is it true? Jemma came to play?” Shouted the ones who heard the first shout.

“Merry Christmas, Jemma!” They started to say as they arrived towards me.

Finally I managed to say something despite of the cold and shock of this evening.

“Merry Christmas everyone!”


The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1 by Jemma

The Turnip Trade, Chapter 1

Rosie: Hey Kiya! It’s been a long time since I saw you walking around Bellwood! Where were you?

Kiya: Oh! Rosie don’t you remember? I won a best portrait of “The Mona Lisa” contest and I went to Africa to receive the prize!

Rosie: Oh my! I thought you went there next month! Well anyway, what was the prize? Come on! Tell me!

Kiya: *sight* it was only a red turnip, oh and a check of 1,489 bells, that barely paid for my week in a 1 star hotel

Rosie: Wow! Africa is not cheap!  Wait, did you say a red turnip?

Kiya: Yes, a red turnip

Rosie: OMG!!!  A red turnip? Give it to Wendell! And then he will give you something, that you have to give to someone and that someone will give to you something that you have to give to another someone and you will get a Golden Axe!!

Kiya: Wait! What???

Rosie: I don’t know didn’t you hear me???

Mysterious Woman: I DO know what to do!

Both: Gracie? Really? Tell us!!!

Gracie: For 5,000 bells I will tell you!

Kiya: No way Fashion-Freaky-Lady!

Gracie: Excus-

Rosie: She means, of course!!! *grabs Kiya’s wallet* Here you are Gracie!

Kiya: What? Give that-

Gracie: Thank you, Fashionista! Now, here’s what I know: I also have a Red Turnip, and you have one too! Give it to Wendell if you want, but Pascal only has ONE Golden Axe! And I will get it!!! Hahaha!

Both: Only one?! Wait what?

Gracie: Ciao! Fashion-not-istas! *Leaves with her car*

Kiya: She ripped us off!!! That Fashionista Freaky Old Lady just ripped us off! I thought I was going to get ripped off by Bill Gates but not by a No-bran Fashion Freak!!!

Rosie: Ohh! It’s war alright! Against my Fashion Heroin but it’s still war!!!

Kiya:  … Alright ?


~ Jemma