I’ve been receiving a lot of question about this New Category so I’ve done a FAQ about it:

What does FAQ mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Category?

Make sure your at the Home page (acwwbook.wordpress.com) and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see:


  1. AC Stories          
  2. Uncategorized
  3. WiFi meetings

Click on AC Stories and you’ll find all the posts I categorized as AC Stories.

Will the stories be divided in parts?

Yes, but instead of each part a post, like Mayu did, I’m gonna just edit the post to add a new part of the story, so it’s easier to look for the hole story. But you’ll have to check each story regularly.

Where do I send my story?

Send it to: acwwbook@gmail.com with the subject: AC Story

How long can a story be?

From 1 to 5 chapters if they’re long OR from 5 to 10 if they’re short. I will not actually count them but just try the story not to be very long or very short. I will soon post an example story called “A Timmy and Tommy adventure.”

How long can a chapter/part be?

As long or short as you want. You don’t have to do chapters, just a story and if it doesn’t have chapters I’ll just divide the story randomly.

What types of stories can I do?

I guess any type… But it has to be related to Animal Crossing (not actually related just with the places, characters…) And if you meant what type as: a dialog, narrative… again, any type.

Can I do a story without the AC characters or places?

The answer to that would be no, I’m sorry but this is an AC blog. What you could do is, do a story about a wifi meeting and something happens there with your town neighbors and friends (or other characters that you have) but the places are necessary.

Can I do a story of City Folk?

Of course! I named it AC Stories right? Not ACWW Stories. Wild World, City Folk, Gamecube, AC 3DS… Any version of Animal Crossing, you could even do it of a Japan version of the game 😛 . But it’s necessary for it to be of Animal Crossing.

Do you have more questions?

Send an e-mail to me with your question or leave a comment. I will answer you by e-mail or comment and I’ll post the question in this FAQ


New category!

A new category is in my blog! “AC Stories”

It’s a category where I’ll post any story you send to me at acwwbook@gmail.com don’t worry, I’ll give you credit for it, just how I’m gonna do now:

This category was originally an idea from Mayu. But cause she doesn’t enter her blog any more I wanted to do it here so anyone who has a story can send it to me and I’ll post it here.

I’m creating a story myself… But I don’t know if it’s any good =) Well I’ll post it when I’m finished!

Wait! I’m forgetting something! A very important something! Did I mention there’s gonna be a monthly prize of 10,000 bells for the best story? I know what you’re asking: What? Only 10,000 bells? But I don’t use cheats and money is a bit hard to get so these bells will have to be used wisely! Let’s just say you’ll have to use them for souvenirs XD

Note: I will only give the prize if at least 3 stories have been sent to me.

Second Note: Move to the bottom of the page to see the “AC Stories” Category